Money Hacks Sample Covers

November 22nd, 2014 Posted in A Dawn Books

Money Hacks Cover Sample

One Money Hacks Cover Will Be Final Among Four Covers

My next eBook Money Hacks: How Small Changes Can Save Big Money is currently going through its cover designing. Cover designers will make four different covers and one of them will be finalized.

Today, I am presenting the first cover that is available as of this moment for my readers. I will try to post the other 3 covers as well to let everyone have a glimpse of how each cover would look like.

On a separate note, the format designer completed formatting the book from Word to Amazon compatible Mobi format. So you can say that the major work is done on the book. The only wait now is to get 3 more covers from a different cover designer and picking the best cover that suits the book.momney hacks - draft

I am looking at late November or early December when Money Hacks will be published. So in about 3 more weeks the wait will be over.

NB – After writing this, another 3 covers became available and I am also attaching it here.

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