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October 9th, 2014 Posted in A Dawn Books

My Next Book Will Be An EBook

My Next Book Will Be An EBook

I have decided to publish my next book as an eBook via Amazon Kindle. For those who are not reading A Dawn Journal for long, I would like to mention that my first book, Invest Now, was a paper book.

eBook sales will overtake print sales across the globe, if they haven’t already. eBooks offer various advantages over printed books, such as instant global distribution, instant access for readers (instant gratification), very short timeframe to publish (about 24-48 hours once uploaded on Amazon), affordability for readers, and more control for authors.

I have contemplated about 20-30 names for my next book. Initially I was thinking about naming it Save Now: A Universal Guide to Saving. However, I think I found a name that better fits the content and more attractive than the above name:

 Money Hacks: How Small Changes Save Big Money

But I might change the above name if I can come up with something better. The book will be filled with tips you can use daily to save money. Like Invest Now, I will keep Money Hacks simple and short. Expect it to be around 150 pages.

I have decided to set the price at $2.99. However, I will have some free days so A Dawn Journal readers can download it for free. The free download announcement will be published on A Dawn Journal.

I have finished writing in my notebook and am now typing it on MS Word. In between editing, formatting for Kindle, and finishing the cover, you probably are looking at another one to two months before it is available. Stay tuned for more, as I will keep you posted as work progresses.

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