Canada Moves Up To Ninth Place In Global Competitive Ranking

September 8th, 2009 Posted in Canada|Beyond

Canada Moves Up To Ninth Place In Global Competitive Ranking

Canada’s Global Competitiveness Ranking Improves

The World Economic Forum released their Global Competitiveness Report 2009-2010 today. Canada moved up to ninth place from last year’s  10th and 2007’s 13th for overall competitiveness.

The banking sector is one of the many factors Geneva-based organization World Economic Forum looks at to rate countries in terms of overall global competitiveness. The U.S. has ranked second, behind Switzerland, in a poll of over 13,000 business leaders. Singapore is third and Sweden comes fourth.

Here are the top ten countries on the Global Competitiveness Report:

1.   Switzerland
2.   US
3.   Singapore
4.   Sweden
5.   Denmark
6.   Finland
7.   Germany
8.   Japan
9.   Canada
10. Netherlands

Source: World Economic Forum. Visit World Economic Forum website for more information.

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