The 2013 World’s Most Expensive Expatriate Cities

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The 2013 World's Most Expensive Cities for Foreign Workers

The 2013 World’s Most Expensive Cities for Foreign Workers

ECA International, a consulting firm that provides data and software in employment solutions to assist companies, recently released their report showing the most expensive cities in the world for foreign workers.

For the first time, Caracas (Venezuela) is on the top of the list replacing Tokyo (Japan). Here are the top ten cities most expensive cities in the world:

  1. Caracas (Venezuela, last year 7)

  2. Luanda (Angola 4)

  3. Oslo (Norway 3)

  4. Juba (South Sudan 14)

  5. Stavanger (Norway 8)

  6. Zurich (Switzerland 9)

  7. Geneva (Switzerland 10)

  8. Bern (Switzerland 11)

  9. Basel (Switzerland 12)

  10. Tokyo (Japan 1)

Some highlights from the list:

– If you are wondering how can Luanda or Juba be on that list, you are not alone because I am wondering about it too. The report suggests high import and transportations costs are the causes.

– Switzerland and Norway have 6 cities in the top ten list.

– No U. S. Or Canadian cities on top ten list.

– According to ECA, Caracas being at the top may be short-lived

– Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai are catching up and climbed up on the list.

– In the Middle East, cities like Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Dubai have gone up significantly.

– Australian Cities Sydney and Canberra have gone down dramatically from their last year’s top 20 position to 31st and 39th position.

To view the full report, visit ECA International.

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