Top Ten Emerging and Frontier Markets

March 22nd, 2015 Posted in Canada|Global Economy

Bloomberg's 2015 Top Market Lists

Bloomberg’s 2015 Top Market Lists

Bloomberg Market recently published its lists of top 25 and 19 emerging and frontier markets. These lists are made based on several factors, such as investing climate, ease of doing business, GDP growth, and so on. Let’s look at the top 10 countries from both emerging markets and frontier markets lists.

Top Ten Emerging Markets

1. South Korea
2. Qatar
3. China
4. U.A.E
5. Chile
6. Malaysia
7. Panama
8. Peru
9. Latvia
10. Poland

Source: Bloomberg Market

Top Ten Frontier Markets

1. Saudi Arabia
2. Estonia
3. Slovakia
4. Lithuania
5. Bahrain
6. Slovenia
7. Bulgaria
8. Vietnam
9. Kazakhstan
10. Romania

Source: Bloomberg Market

The term “emerging market” refers to market or country that is not yet fully developed, but has some elements of a developed market and on is its way to become a developed market in the future or was a developed market in the past. A frontier market or country refers to a developing market that is slower than an emerging market.

For example, MSCI, a leading provider of indexes, considers Saudi Arabia a frontier market, but considers Qatar and UAE emerging markets. South Korea, a widely considered developed market, is still considered emerging market by MSCI due to market restrictions in Korea.

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