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July 1st, 2013 Posted in Economy|Mortgage 101

Is New York, Hong Kong, or Dubai Has The Most Skyscrapers

Is New York, Hong Kong, or Dubai Has The Most Skyscrapers?

When it comes to building a skyscraper that will impress the world and stick in the minds of people, there is nothing like height that comes into consideration. And it’s no wonder that the topic “Which city has the most skyscrapers?” will always be a debated one. A skyscraper demonstrates the art of structural engineering taken to its ultimate zenith, literally and metaphorically. And there is no straightforward answer to the above question.

The cities with the most skyscrapers reward depends on how you look at the definition of skyscraper and various other factors. For example, if you consider a building at least 115 feet (35 meters or 12 stories) tall, Hong Kong stays on top of the list with close to 8000 buildings. However, if you consider one skyscraper as being a building from its own unique platform, then New York City’s close to 6000 total will be more than Hong Kong. If you follow strict rules on height and consider skyscrapers only above 300 meters (980 feet or 80 floors), Dubai, Shenzhen, New York City stay on top of the list.

So some will use certain heights to count skyscrapers, and others will only count one skyscraper even if multiple towers of sufficient height spring from the one platform on the ground. And the answers can always be argued upon whether if it’s Hong Kong, New York, or Dubai based on how you look at it.


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