Seoul Gets New Cross Hash Towers Skyscraper

October 17th, 2016 Posted in Global Real Estate

Photo Credit: BIG architects

The Cross # Towers in Seoul, South Korea

A Danish architectural firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) has recently announced a new skyscraper project in Seoul, South Korea that will add a new dimension to the world of skyscrapers. Their new project "The Cross Hash Towers" or "The Cross #Towers" will push the limits of building skyscrapers with these gravity-defying towers in
this modern age.

These two towers, 214 meters and 204 meters high, will be 21,000 square meter cross-hatched interlocking building with its ability to accommodate 600 residences and amenities such as a library, gallery, and kindergarten. The two towers will be connected by bridges at different levels, such as street and sky levels. The upper and lower bridges will have sky gardens on them and will offer breathtaking views of Seoul’s skyline.

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The Cross Hash Towers will be positioned next to the future development zone Yongsan business district in Seoul. The tower suites will have a unique design to optimize spectacular views and sunlight. Also, at the ground level visitors at the arrival deck will be able to see the impressive links above and the submerged plaza beneath them.

Due to the Yongsan business district’s height restrictions for skyscrapers, architects came up with this unique design of these two towers – adding two bridges between them. For sure, Seoul’s skyline and skyscraper portfolio will change dramatically upon completion of The Cross # Towers.

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