3 VOIP Communication Apps That Save You Money

February 11th, 2015 Posted in Internet |Technology

Cheap International Calls from Smart Phone Apps
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Cheap International Calls from Smart Phone Apps

A VOIP App like Skype will give you very good voice quality, there is no doubt about it. However, whenever it comes to balance, getting good voice quality, and lower rates, Skype fails to make the list, as its rates are very high and unrealistic. Today, I will talk about 3 telecommunication apps you can use to make international calls on your tablet or smart phone at reasonable rates without compromising voice quality.

Ringo: Ringo is distinctive in that rather than using Wi-Fi it uses your local cell network on your phone to make international calls at incredibly low rates. I have not seen any other apps that beat Ringo’s low rates and still retain excellent voice quality. The only drawback of Ringo is that you wont be able to use it on your tablet, as it requires a cell network to make calls. However, as phones are getting bigger like tablets, most people will abandon their tablet at some point in the future, making Ringo a must-have app on your smart phone. Minimum load is $5.

OTO: OTO uses Wi-Fi to make calls and call quality is good enough to keep it as your Wi-Fi VOIP app. Rates are comparable with other VOIP apps and sound quality can beat most other Wi-Fi VOIP apps available. OTO also offers free international calling only from Korea. Minimum load is $10.

Google Hangouts: In the past, Hangouts voice quality was not that good. I noticed that it has improved a lot since then. The main advantage is if you are using Android phone, Hangouts is already on your phone. International rates are low and you can call anyone in Canada and USA for free.

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