Hi-Speed Internet For Your Laptop Anywhere, Anytime

November 11th, 2008 Posted in Internet |Technology

Hi-Speed Internet On Your Laptop Anywhere, Anytime Make The World Your Workplace

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HowTo Get Free Internet For Your laptop At Starbucks

If you are an Internet entrepreneur or if you love browsing the net on your laptop from a café, and like the idea to access the Internet from any place you want, technology brings you the opportunity to take the Internet with you anywhere you want. All major Canadian wireless service providers are offering mobile hi-speed Internet service that allows you to browse the Internet on the go on your laptop.

In the past, I wrote about Rogers Portable Internet. Rogers Portable Internet also provides you mobile Internet access; however, you need to carry a book size modem with you and a power outlet is required to connect to this modem. On the contrary, you do not need to carry anything to access hi-speed Internet. All you need is a 3G Internet card or an USB Internet Stick in your laptop.

Although all major Canadian service providers are providing hi-speed Internet service, I researched plans offered by Rogers and Fido. Their plans are very similar and these plans work as below:

500 MB Data = $25 per month

1 GB Data = $30 per month

3 GB Data = $60 per month

+Other charges apply

If you are not sure of your Internet usage, you can go with a plan called Flex Rate Plan. Flex Rate Plan automatically rolls up or down to the plan based on your actual usage. I find this very convenient, as you don’t need to worry about going over your set limit.

On the weekend, I like to sit at a coffee shop and work on my laptop. Until now, I was limited to doing only word processing work. However, those days are gone. With hi-speed Internet access anywhere and anytime, I have no more limits, and I definitely will be more productive than ever before.

For more info, visit Rogers and Fido website at www.rogers.com and www.fido.ca

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