How An Actor and Composer Convinced Me to Join Instagram and Now I’m Hooked

May 2nd, 2016 Posted in Internet |Technology

Adawnjournal Instagram

Adawnjournal Instagram Is Ready

I used to be one of those who never tried or understood Instagram, as I never bothered trying it. While I was in Myrtle Beach last week, I was sending some pictures to my nephew Shayan Mannan, who is an actor and a music director as well. His link:

He insisted I should open up an Instagram account to let the world see these pictures. He kept asking me to sign up and I eventually told him I might try it some other time just as a way to avoid signing up for it. I had no intention of opening up a new account only to share pics, as I have been more concentrating on YouTube posts about credit cards and rewards points these days.

However, on April 20th all of my reluctance changed. When I was enjoying the Atlantic, sitting on the balcony in my Oceanfront suite in Myrtle Beach, I don’t know how or why, but something made me sign up for Instagram on my smartphone. After posting my very first picture, I got hooked on Instagram and since then I’ve been posting new pics almost everyday, even after coming back to Toronto.

The ease of using this app and sharing pics with the world is hard to ignore. According to my nephew, “It’s better than Facebook or Twitter. Endless array of pictures from around the world.”

Here is the link to follow me on Instagram:

I recommend you follow me, as I will be sharing pics from various walks of life and because I am a global traveler you will get to travel around the globe with me when I am traveling.

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