Two Best Brain Training Apps

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Brain Game Apps

Brain Game Apps

Today, I am not here to argue for or against brain training games – whether they are effective or not. The Stanford University Center on Longevity and the Berlin Max Planck Institute for Human Development released a statement in the past signed by 70 scientists mentioning there is no proof that brain games improve cognitive performance or prevent cognitive slowing and brain disease. You can read a lengthy article here on this. On the other hand, if you visit brain training app websites, they have various reports by scientists showing that brain games work. So, I wouldn’t worry or argue about who is right or who is wrong. The reason I play these games is because of the challenges they present and I find it a good way to entertain myself.

Today, I will talk about 2 games I find very exhilarating and they are the best two apps I came across.

Peak: Peak games focus on improving language skills, mental agility, problem solving, focus and memory. You can let the app know your profession and it will show you how you are doing compared to others in the same line of work. Peak is designed by neuroscientists and cognitive scientists from Yale, Princeton, and U. of Cambridge. Peak is a highly engaging game with great sound and eye-catching aesthetics. What I like about Peak is that anyone who has the basic knowledge of how to read can play this game. This game comes in both a free and a paid version and I play the free version sometimes.

Elevate: Apple selected Elevate as app of the year for 2014 and I can see why. Elevate takes a different approach than other brain games focusing on reading comprehension, grammatical errors, vocabulary, mathematics, and so on. What I noticed about Peak is that this is not a game for someone with basic reading knowledge, as it is highly engaging in grammar, mathematics, reading, writing and listening comprehension, etc. This games comes in both a free and a paid version and I have the paid version and try to play it regularly, as each daily session is short and I can finish them very fast.

There are so many other brain training apps out there. You can install a few of them and try it for a few days to see which ones you like most.

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