Why You Should or Should Not Buy OnePlus One

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OnePlus One Review

OnePlus One Review After Three Weeks

After using my new OnePlus One for almost three weeks, it’s time for a brief review. Instead of going through its specs or comparing with other phones like Google Galaxy 6 or so on, I will simply state why you should or should not buy this phone. There is a video review of the same (follow the link in this post). And yes, this video is a 4K DCI; the OnePlus One smart phone is the world’s first to record in DCK 4K (4096×2160).

Why You Should Buy OnePlus One

1. PriceThe reason OnePlus phones became so popular is no mystery. You are paying a mere $300 – $350 for a phone which would have cost $700 – $800 had it been from any other manufacturers.

2. LooksBeing so cheap does not make OnePlus One phones ugly or out of line compared to other phones. OnePlus One phones look high-end and durable, just like other high-end phones. Actually, it looks even better than most other high-end phones.

3. SpecsI am not going to go through all the specs for the OnePlus One. However, I must mention that in terms of specs you will not be disappointed and it even offers better specs than most other flagship phones. Better yet, OnePlus One offers some features that aren’t available in any other phones. For example, waking up the phone by double tapping on its screen, DCI 4K Cinematic Widescreen video(4096X2160) 24 FPS recording, various unique setting options under Android Cyanogen operating system, and much more.

Why You Should Not Buy OnePlus One

1. Not Easy to Buy – Unlike other phones, you can’t just buy a OnePlus One phone if you want to. You need to have an invite to buy from OnePlus or you have to catch one of the one-hour timeslots OnePlus offers occasionally to buy on their website.

2. Faulty Devices – Because OnePlus is a new company, lots of their phones have software and hardware problems. If you get unlucky and end up with a faulty phone, the nightmare will just begin. Their customer service is nil to non-existent and after sending a support ticket to fix your problems, it could take weeks to get a reply or get it resolved.

3. Long Fixing Time – If you were lucky enough to get through OnePlus support and they asked you to send back your phone for a fix and replacement, then the second part of your nightmare will begin. It takes weeks or months to get back your replacement or repaired phone from OnePlus. For most of us, this is not an option to wait that long to have phone back.

Before buying a OnePlus One phone, think about the pluses and minuses. I faced a couple of minor problems with my phone that I was able to fix by myself by reading and following various online forums and articles. However, it may be not be an easy fix for everyone. Also, some of the users will be lucky enough not face any problems and will be able to enjoy this great phone without any pain and hassle.

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