3 Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office

October 19th, 2013 Posted in Life|Money Smart Tips

Free Microsoft Office Alternatives

Free Microsoft Office Alternatives You Can Use Right Now

While Microsoft Office is considered the industry standard, especially if you work in an office environment or a writer or an editor, it does not mean everyone must use only Microsoft Office. And these days, there are more reasons for most of us not to use Microsoft than ever before, as Microsoft limits installing software only on one computer per product key. For example, I have three computers at home and I change my computers frequently. So there is no way I would keep buying Microsoft Office let’s say 1 to 2 times every year, year after year. This is where these free alternatives come handy and they do not fall short of Microsoft Office in terms of functionality. Better yet, some of these actually work better and offer more features than Microsoft Office for free.

OpenOffice.Org – This is the most famous Microsoft Office alternative that comes with its own word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and much more. It can open any other office package including Microsoft Office, it can open PDF files, and it’s even able to save as Microsoft Office files such Word, Excel, etc. OpenOffice offers lots of features that are not even available in Microsoft Office. This is my first pick as Microsoft Office replacement.

Kingsoft Office – If you are looking for an almost identical user interface or lookalike alternative like Microsoft Office, look no further than Kingsoft. Kingsoft is packed with features and customization options that will make spending money to buy Microsoft laughable. Some unique features make Kingsoft stands out better than other office suites, such as a PDF converter, multiple tabbed features, adding watermarks, and so on. Kingsoft also offers a mobile office suite for Android or IOS as well.

FreeOffice – Another free office suite by German company SoftMaker. It offers cleans interface and lots of features, yet it’s a light version of SoftMaker’s paid-version commercial office suite.

What I noticed was that the same program may not offer the best for everything. For example, for word processing I liked Kingsoft, but for presentation I liked OpenOffice better. There are many other alternatives available for free. Try a few of them to pick the one that best meets your needs. Because there is so much software with a wide array of features available these days for free, the days are over for most of us to pay for office suite software.

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