5 ATM Tips to Save You From Scammers

November 20th, 2016 Posted in Life|Money Smart Tips

5 ATM Tips to Save You From Scammers







Beware of No-Name ATMs

Technology is improving security features on your ATM cards and bank machines. And con artists or scammers are upgrading their skills to keep up with the technology. Using some simple tips and common sense can go a long way to save your money from the con artists. Here are a few tips today:

– Be extremely careful using no-name ATM machines. No-name machines are owned by private businesses or individuals, not any financial institutions. Always use precautions when using these stand-alone machines. Not only you are paying additional ATM fees, but also you are taking additional risks of getting scammed using these machines.

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– Scammers use high tech devices such as hidden cameras, scanning devices, and card readers to copy your debit or credit card information and then they make clone cards to empty out your bank or credit card accounts. If you notice or feel something unusual such as slot is too tight for your card, visible attachment to the machine, signs sticking on the wall asking you to use one particular machine, someone standing nearby the machine and pretending to read a newspaper, or anything that does not make sense, leave that spot right away and go to different location.

– Cover your keypad so any person behind you or any video camera cannot see your password input on keypad.

– Your card should enter through the slot smoothly. If you struggle to enter your card or notice anything unusual on the slot, do not use that ATM. If the ATM eats your card, call your bank immediately.

– Always be vigilant, take precautions, and use your common sense. For example, if you see an ATM that is not well-lit, or an ATM in a bad neighbourhood, or anything suspicious, do not use that ATM.

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