How To Save Without It Getting You Down

July 4th, 2015 Posted in Life|Money Smart Tips

Save Money Easily

Save Money Easily

Saving money is a necessity – now more than ever. As the world becomes enmeshed in more and longer financial struggles, there is inevitably a knock-on effect on consumers, even if your income remains constant or improves. House prices are falling, and the value of the dollar in your pocket is dropping too. This is no terminal decline, but it is still quite troublesome for any of us. Unless you live in a forest and survive by hunting, gathering and bartering, the global financial crisis will affect you in one way or the other. As much as we are being encouraged to get out there and spend our pay checks, it is entirely understandable that many of us are taking that advice with a pretty huge pinch of salt.

If you have money to spend and there are things that you need, certainly there’s no reason you shouldn’t get out there and help stimulate the economy. That is undeniable, but at the same time there is no reason you should over-extend yourself in doing this kind of patriotic duty. Looking for ways to make a saving is not treason – it is simple common sense. Keeping it simple is the best way of doing this in any case. For example, are you taking advantage of existing discounts and special offers which are relevant to you?

Supermarkets and clothes shops will often have discount cards for students or other concessions. What is wrong with enlisting the student in your household to help you take advantage of these special offers? This can get you a cut of up to 15% on the cost of necessary purchases, making your dollar go further. Additionally, things like gas cards and loyalty programs with set outlets can result in a large saving for you, if you manage them correctly.

Often supermarkets or other outlets will have big discounts on food that has a long shelf-life. Building up a stock of the things you need and will use is always a good idea, and frees up money for the long term – often making a quite pronounced difference in the bottom line on your shopping bills.

Saving money does not need to mean opening a savings account, but it is obvious that the two naturally go hand in hand. One way that you can demonstrate to yourself the advantages of saving is to use your savings account every time you spend less than you had budgeted. No matter how much or how little the difference, if you put that money in the savings account every time it will quickly build up and accrue interest which benefits you.

Now, no-one is about to advise you to re-use old tea bags or anything like that, but there are tons of little things like those mentioned above which can make all the difference in seeing out the recession in better financial shape than might otherwise have been the case. If you do things correctly you can end up with a healthier bank balance and have the necessary spare cash to make you comfortable.

To streamline and minimize blog maintenance, I will be discontinuing maintaining the website (however, I will still hold the domain). I will gradually move all articles from this site to A Dawn Journal. This article originally published on the above website on June 3, 2009.

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