13 Free Canadian Personal Finance eBooks

June 25th, 2008 Posted in Investing|Personal Finance

Canadianfreeebooks.jpg13 Free Canadian Personal Finance eBooks

On the Web, you will find hundreds of free eBooks covering wide range of topics. However, if you are looking for pure Canadian content personal finance eBooks, you know how hard it can be to find anything. If you are lucky, you may find a couple of Canadian personal finance eBooks. I felt the same pain a few months ago – searching for some Canadian personal finance eBooks. And then I stumbled upon Financial Consumer Agency of Canada Web Site – which has lots of money related tools and free personal eBooks to help Canadians learn about person finances. The vast amount of information provided on FCAC Website can be overwhelming and confusing. I combed through the site, and picked only those I felt might be worth mentioning for A Dawn Journal Readers. I have sorted these eBooks in simple categories, and added some description to find the right one fast and without hassle. All these books are in PDF format; feel free to download and save a copy on your computer.


Considering an Investment Product Tied to the Stock Market’s Performance?

25 Pages – 667 KB
An overview of Index-Linked Deposits tied to the stock market. Index-Linked Deposits are banks’ and trust companies’ favourite.


Opening a Personal Bank Account

8 Pages – 1,317 KB
You have the right to open a bank account. Find out your rights and what to do if a bank refuses to open an account for you.

Low-Cost Accounts

8 Pages – 273 KB
Keep your banking costs low. This handy guide describes and compares low-cost accounts.

Savings Accounts – Choose the right savings account for your needs

30 Pages – 560 KB
Lots of information about savings accounts. At the end of the book, you will find handy tables comparing different banking products and services.

What You Should Know if your Branch Closes

6 Pages – 188 KB
Don’t panic if your branch closes – read this eBook first.

Your Banking Rights

18 Pages – 536 KB
Read this guide to know your banking rights.

The Cost of Borrowing

The Cost of Payday Loans

27 Pages – 509 KB
Avoid the trap of payday loans. Payday Loans make you always lose in the end. A must read guide.

The Cost of Borrowing with a Credit Card

12 Pages – 380 KB
Read this guide first before picking up your next credit card. Find out more about your rights and responsibilities.

Credit Cards

Getting the Most from Your Credit Card

28 Pages – 705 KB
Choose a credit card that’s right for you and start saving money. Understand how credit cards work.

Understanding Your Credit Report and Credit Score

19 Pages – 2185 KB
Learn to read and analyze your credit report and credit score like a financial guru. 

How to Save with a Credit card

18 Pages – 449 KB
Yes, you can save money with card. Learn how your credit card calculates your interest charges and take advantage of many unknown features credit card companies offer.

How to Protect Your Credit Card and Credit History

16 Pages – 378 KB
Protect yourself from unauthorized transactions. Check your credit file regularly, and build a solid credit history.

Service Fees on Credit Card Transactions

18 Pages – 682 KB
Do you know what these credit card terms such as foreign currency conversion fees, cash advance fees, over the limit fees etc mean? This eBook shows you how to save on various fees and charges. It’s got lots of tips and tables to save you money.

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