30 Free Canadian Financial Tools and Calculators

October 23rd, 2008 Posted in Investing|Personal Finance
30 Free Canadian Financial Tools and Calculators 30 Free Canadian Personal Finance Tools
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Recently, I wrote an article about personal finance tools  – 10 Free Canadian Personal Finance Tools. This article became very popular and currently(as of Oct 30, 2008) staying in the top three of All Time Most Popular Post (on the top right). Due to its popularity, I decided to add more tools and write the following post titled “20 Free Canadian Financial Tools and Calculators.” You will find lots of tools, calculators, and resources in this article. Save or bookmark this page and use it over and over again.

Credit Card and Borrowing Tools and Calculators

Credit Card Interactive Tool (Provided by Financial Consumer Agency of Canada)

This interactive tool helps you shop around and find those credit cards best suit your needs

Credit Card Comparison Tables (Provided by Financial Consumer Agency of Canada)

Compare features and costs of various credit cards and find the best one for you.

Cost of Borrowing Calculator (Provided by Industry Canada)

Compare your borrowing costs and stop borrowing.

Mortgage Tools and Calculators

Qualifying for a Mortgage Calculator (Provided by fiscalagents.com)

Check if you qualify for a mortgage.

Quick Mortgage Calculator (Provided by fiscalagents.com)

Estimate your monthly mortgage payment.

– Mortgage Calculator (Provided by Financial Consumer Agency of Canada)

Know your mortgage payment and mortgage payment schedule. Find out how much money and how many years you can save by making prepayments.

Mortgage Savings Calculator 1 (Provided by Industry Canada)

Check if you much money you can save by changing your mortgage paying patterns.

Mortgage Savings Calculator 2 (Provided by Industry Canada)

Should you break your mortgage? Should you choose shorter or longer amortization? Or, higher or lower interest rate? Find out here.

Rent or Buy Calculator

– Rent or Buy Calculator (Provided by Industry Canada)

Find out if it is time to say goodbye to your landlord yet.

Banking Tools

Cost of Banking Tool (Provided by Financial Consumer Agency of Canada)

Answer a few questions, and this tool will suggest you bank accounts that best fit your needs. You can compare interest rates, account types, account features etc.

Income, Savings, Spending, Investment, Retirement Tools and Calculators

– Retirement Savings & Income Calculator (Provided by fiscalagents.com)

How you can meet your retirement needs

– Advantage of Early Investing Calculator (Provided by fiscalagents.com)

Find out what happens when you start investing early

– Net Worth Calculator (Short Form) (Provided by fiscalagents.com)

Find out your net worth easily

– Net Income Calculator (Provided by fiscalagents.com)

Find out how much your net income

– Daily Spending Calculator (Provided by Industry Canada)

Find out how much those small items are costing you and stop spending.

Tax Tools, Calculators, and Resources

Revenue Agency (CRA) – Main Website

NETFILE (CRA) – File Your Tax Online

My Account – Access Your General and Personal Tax Information

– Quick tax calculator (Provided by fiscalagents.com) – Find out How much income tax you will be paying

Ernst & Young Canada – Resourceful Canadian Personal Tax Site

Grant Thornton – Useful Tax Tips

TaxTips –   Tax and money saving tips for Canadians

Ernst & Young Tax Calculators – Calculate Federal and Provincial Tax Bill

Tax Preparation Software Programs

Studio Tax – Free Canadian Tax Software

Taxfreeway – Canadian Income Tax Software

myTaxexpress – Canadian Tax Software

Genutax – Multiyear Tax Software


Vehicle Lease or Buy Calculator

Should you buy or lease a vehicle? Find your answer here.

Calculate Compound Interest, Present Value, Rate of Return + Many More on One Calculator

MoneyChimp Financial Calculators

Bonus Item

Personal Finance Quizzes

Try these various quizzes and broaden your personal finance knowledge in a fun way.

– All Canada Online Tools and Calculators

A Govt. of Canada list of all online tools and calculators.


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Financial Tools courtesy of Industry Canada and Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. For more tools like these, please visit Industry Canada and Financial Consumer Agency of Canada websites.
Calculators courtesy of Fiscal Agents Financial Services Group. For more calculators like these, please visit their website at www.fiscalagents.com and then click Financial Tools.
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    Thanks for your kind words.

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    there are mortgage calculators online that are free but i wonder if they are up to date ,`:

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    You should not rely on one site calculators. It’s a good idea to check a few sites.

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