How Long It Takes to Double Your Money

September 8th, 2016 Posted in Investing|Personal Finance

How Long It Takes to Double Your Money







The Rule of 72

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to double your money? There is a simple formula to calculate how many years you will need to double your money.

The simple formula is called The Rule of 72. This rule only works when you compound your interest annually and do not take out money from your account. To find out how many years you need, divide 72 by your interest rate. Here is an example: Assume your interest rate is 12%, you will double your money in 6 years (72/12=6).

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If you add more money monthly to your initial investment, your time to double investment will be less. Investment is a discipline and don’t expect to double your money overnight. Start investing at an early age, keep adding more money on a monthly basis, and stick to it for the long run – you will achieve your financial goals.

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