Is A Dawn Journal The Best Personal Finance Blog?

May 4th, 2010 Posted in Investing|Personal Finance

Is A Dawn Journal The Top Personal Finance Blog Is A Dawn Journal The Top Personal Finance Blog?

Is it possible to rank a personal finance blog or website “The Best” based on its traffic or content? I don’t know how many personal finance blogs exist today on the Internet; however, I do know that there are roughly 130 million blogs live these days and this number will only grow in the future. Among the total number of blogs, even if only a few percentages are personal finance blogs, that makes the total number of financial blogs a significant big number. And claiming one particular blog, such as A Dawn Journal to be “The Best Personal Finance Blog or Website” or “The Top Personal Finance Blog or website” would be preposterous. However, I would not hesitate to claim A Dawn Journal to be a very “different kind of personal finance blog or website” and I can claim that with confidence.

Here are some facts that make ADJ fairly distinguishable from its peers, different from any other financial blogs. Let’s go over some of these facts:

o You will come across many personal finance blogs these days; however, you will hardly come across situations in which the authors of these blogs have both education and work- related financial background. I come from both an educational and work-related strong financial background. My extensive education, training and experience have enabled me to develop the knowledge and skills required to write this and many other blogs.

o Most other financial sites have something in common – they are for professional investors; hardly will you find a personal finance blog which is easy to absorb and written in clear and simple English for regular and simple readers who are trying to enhance personal finance knowledge to build a secure financial future – just like you.

o Repetition of subjects is what you will find in many other personal finance blogs. How many times you can read articles in same subjects over and over? Do you really want to hold an MBA on TFSA account, discount brokerage ratings, ins and outs of smith maneuvering, how to do wash trading in your brokerage account and so on?

o I try to balance articles on ADJ on a variety of topics ranging across a wide array of subjects. You will come across articles from different viewpoints and every walk of life. The reason I do this? I would like to keep you informed and entertained without boring you and keeping things simple.

o I am one of the few financial bloggers who is also a Financial Author, an Internet Entrepreneur, and a full time Analyst at a Canadian Wealth Management Corp. trying to achieve my goal of living a Dot Com Lifestyle. My interest varies on a broad range of topics from International Real Estate to Green Living. I own lots of domains and many websites. At the end of this post, I will give you a list of my sites for which I write and update manually by myself.

After considering all the facts I presented above, it is up to you to see A Dawn Journal as the best or top personal finance blog or website, a different financial blog, or the worst personal finance blog ever. Regardless of what you think of ADJ, I appreciate your time for reading A Dawn Journal and hope to see you again.

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  2. By [email protected] on May 8, 2010

    Have had the pleasure of following your blog for a while now and gained a wealth of information! You may not come out right and claim to the be the best, but certainly have the credentials! Keep it up!

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