Personal Finance Software – Part 1

May 6th, 2008 Posted in Investing|Personal Finance

personalfinancesoftware1.jpgBudgets Don’t Work

New Post – Personal Finance Software Review by Financial Author A. Dawn

I don’t believe budgets work for the long run. We have our unique and different ways of doing budgets. Some of us allocate certain amounts for each expense category. Some go by envelop ideas such as putting money in different envelops for different expense categories, and spend money from these envelops based on circumstances. The problem with budgeting is that we usually stick to it for a couple of months and then get bored and get rid of it. Although I don’t believe in budgeting, I do believe in tracking expenses. Why and how you should track your expenses? Let’s talk about it.

Track Your Expenses

Tracking expenses gives you a visualization of where your money is exactly going. You need to know this to cut unnecessary expenses and increase your savings. You can do all sorts of calculations and thinking in your mind to figure out where your money is going – but the real picture may not be the same as your mind tries to depict. Don’t be surprised if you see a very different picture than what you had in your mind. Spending just a few dollars here and there daily can add up to a large amount at month’s end and tracking expenses will show you how powerful it can be to cut once-daily visit to your coffee shop. Tracking expenses will gradually help you make better decisions.

To Be Continued

Personal Finance Software – Part 2 (Final Part)

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