2015 Kiplinger’s 10 Best States to Retire

July 16th, 2015 Posted in Retirement 101

Delaware is The Best State to Retire

Delaware is The Best State to Retire

Personal finance magazine Kiplinger recently looked at factors such as affordability, economic health, crime rates and tax laws, etc. among all 50 American states, including the District of Columbia, and rated the top best states to retire in America. Here are the best 10 states:

1. Delaware

2. Florida

3. West Virginia

4. Pennsylvania

5. South Dakota

6. Arizona

7. Hawaii

8. Iowa

9. Kansas

10. Wyoming

Those states that are economically healthy and affordable, along with low crime rates, are favoured by the rankings. If you recall my 2015 America’s Best Places for Retirement by Bankrate, the top ten places were very different than this rating. For example, Delaware and Hawaii were absent and 3 cities from Arizona were among the top. The full Kiplinger report can be viewed here.

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