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May 21st, 2016 Posted in Global Real Estate, Retirement 101

Just Completed Myrtle Beach Trip

Just returned from Myrtle Beach about two weeks ago. Today, I am posting my Myrtle Beach short video film and will talk about a few things based on my experience.

Lots of Canadian snowbirds go to Florida every year to spend the winter and they own properties in Florida as well. However, I never hear that much about Myrtle Beach. After visiting Myrtle Beach, I am convinced that Myrtle Beach maybe a better place than Florida to go on vacation, escape the harsh Canadian winter, and buy properties.

For those who want to go for vacations, the reason I like it better than Florida is because of its shorter distance (only one and a half hour flight from Toronto) and the sort of people I have seen are mainly family-oriented beach/ocean loving people. Florida is nice; though you possibly will come across lots of party lovers and it can be overcrowded as well. Of course, it depends on where you go and different places may have different appeal.

For the same reasons I mentioned above, snowbirds will find more peaceful neighbourhoods in Myrtle Beach and can spend quality retirement time in isolation if you live little bit off the main city core. The main beaches surrounding the city centre can be crowded in the summer, but it’s still a lot less crowded than big beach attractions in Florida.

Another thing that astonished me was the low value of real estate properties. I have seen many one bedroom ocean front condos, literally in front of the ocean and with a 30-second walk to the beach, going for $60,000 to $100,000. This is hard for someone like me who lives in downtown Toronto to believe, as in my area a tiny one bedroom lake-view condo would start at $400,000.

If I plan to spend my winter in retirement in a warm location, Myrtle Beach will definitely be on my list to consider. And for going on a vacation again? I will consider that again as I really liked Myrtle Beach and wouldn’t mind going back again.

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