Rethink Your Retirement

February 12th, 2017 Posted in Retirement 101

Smart Retirement Moves

Smart Retirement Moves

If you are planning to retire soon or in the near future, you will need to always look out for options and strategies to make your retirement years comfortable and smooth, as retirement conception is always changing. Today, I will talk about a few things that you can consider that would be unthinkable in the past.

Changing Country – Although there is a dark side to retiring abroad, it is possible to find your piece of heaven in foreign lands. Moving to a different country is a reality now and people are already doing it. The main reason people do it because of the extra power your hard-earned money gets when you move to a low-cost country. There are tools and help available online to research on this further, including some articles I have written here in the A Dawn Journal Retirement Section. Always research well and visit the country you plan to move to first before your final decision. Search online by putting these keywords to start research: “International retirement”, “low-cost retirement countries”, “best countries to retire abroad”, etc.

Not Retiring Is The New Normal – As technology is making us live longer and healthier, it is becoming a norm not to retire at all. This can mean different things for different people. Some people would love to reduce work hours after a certain age, while some may choose to do something totally different than what they have been doing at work; some want to open a small coffee shop somewhere they find peaceful, or some of us would like to start travelling full time. The point is that retirement does not have to be sitting at home, doing nothing, and counting the minutes. Find out things that really matter to you and redirect your passion or new career towards navigating that path. It will open up new vistas and not only you will be happy, but it is also possible to make income out of some of these new passions.

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