Start Saving For Retirement Now If Just Started Your First Job

October 11th, 2016 Posted in Retirement 101

Retirement Saving Now







Retirement Saving Now

If you are new to the workforce or in the workforce for a while and still haven’t thought of retirement, follow these simple tips to start your retirement planning journey.

The Time is Now – It is never too late or too early to start your retirement saving journey. Start now if you haven’t started already. You need to get rid of your all excuses to start saving. Don’t wait.

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Start With Any Amount – If you are putting off saving because you can’t contribute large amounts, change your approach. As a start, don’t worry about how small or big the amounts are. Start with anything you can right now, even if it’s $25 a month. And gradually increase your monthly contributions.

Stick to It Like Crazy Glue – Use automatic electronic deductions from your bank account to invest for your future. Stick to investing like crazy glue and make it a lifetime habit. Do not allow yourself to take out money from your retirement savings, regardless of how urgently you need the money.

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