Personal Finance Software Review by Financial Author A. Dawn

October 8th, 2009 Posted in Reviews|Interviews

Personal Finance Software Review by Financial Author A. DawnFree Canadian Personal Finance Software Review

2012 – Personal Finance Software Quicken: Should You Buy It?

I have been contemplating writing a single article discussing all of the available major personal finance software for a while. There are lots of personal finance review articles you will find online, if you perform a search by entering these keywords “personal finance software.” However, I wanted to write something different and unique than these traditional articles. How can I give you a personal finance software review that is practical, simple, short, and yet serves the purpose? Here are the points that I kept in mind while working on this article:

It’s Simple: I tried to keep everything simple. If you are looking for personal finance software, you want things to be simple. You are not going to spend days and months just comprehending the article itself. I have not provided any ratings or assigned any scores based on any complicated methodology. You don’t want to complete an MBA on these ratings and scorings; you just want to pick software you would like to try.

It’s Short: Instead of giving you a traditional summary for each software, I have listed a few bulleted points for these personal finance software programs. Information is at its best when it is in the form of a list and short. You don’t want to spend hour after hour reading each program’s features, pros and cons.

There is a wide variety of personal finance software available. I have picked a few of the best ones. However, if you are in the hunt for more, do a search for ‘personal finance software.’ Now, let’s begin.

Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe

– Microsoft has discontinued Microsoft Money Plus and it is no longer
available for purchase. Click on the above link to learn more.

Quicken Deluxe – Windows Version

– Full fledged personal finance software you have to install on your
computer to use.
– Offers tons of features and array of options – yes, it can be
– Offers features such as expense tracking, budgeting, bill payment tools,
and cheque (check in U.S.) writing capability.
– Quicken is not free. It costs money and offers both Canadian and
American versions.

Quicken Online

– Organize all your accounts in one place online.
– Simple design offers clean interface
– Easy to setup and simple navigation.
– Does not offer Canadian version.
– Free to use.


– Very popular online personal finance software that has won many awards
and created heavy Internet buzz.
– Clean, neat, and visually pleasing interface.
– Easy to use; a great fit for first-time users.
– Mint uses Yodlee technology.
– Mint is now owned by Quicken.
– Does not offer Canadian version but planning to add Canadian support in
– Free to use.


– Offers most features and provides maximum ability to overview entire
financial situation at a glance.
– Yodlee technology powers many banks and financial institutions’ online
banking applications.
– Interface is not as neat as Mint.
– Does not offer Canadian version.
– Free to use.


– Wesabe is little different than other software. It combines a money
management tool and social-media application (like Digg, Facebook,
Myspace) into one.
– Has strong privacy and security commitment.
– Support staff is very responsive.
– Other Wesabeans provide you tips based on your shopping habits to save
you money.
– Wesabe works with Canadian banks.
– Free to use.

moneyStrands and rudder

– These two are two separate personal finance software but they are very
similar, providing a wide array of basic tools and applications with a clean
and nice interface
– Some of the tools moneyStrands offers: Debt Management Software,
Home Budget Software, Track This Bill, Monthly Budget Planner, Budget
Spreadsheet, Personal Budget Software, Personal Budget Worksheet,
Personal Money Management and much more.
– Some of the tools rudder offers: personal finance software, free budget
software, personal budget calculator, personal excel budget worksheet
and much more.
– moneyStrands does not support Canadian banks. Support some
Canadian banks. See the comment below. rudder supports TD
Canada Trust online banking.
– Free to use.

I have not recommended any particular software, nor have I provided any scores or ratings. This is something you have to decide after reading this review and checking out a few of these sites. Most of them are free, so try them out, and be sure to switch if anything does not meet your expectations.

For Canadians, Quicken Canada is the only one that offers full Canadian functionality but it’s not free. Among the free ones, Wesabe and rudder have some (if not full) Canadian functionality. Let’s wait and see what Mint brings for Canadians in the future.

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  1. 8 Responses to “Personal Finance Software Review by Financial Author A. Dawn”

  2. By Lucia @ moneyStrands on Oct 9, 2009

    Thanks for including in your roundup. I wanted to add that we do support some Canadian banks and for those whose banks we don’t support, mS offers the option to create manual accounts. We also support 44 currencies!

    Lucia @ moneyStrands

  3. By Evg on Oct 29, 2009

    I have already been using DAFFTIN Simple Family Budget for 3 years and am fully satisfied with it! It’s simple, allows to create bank accounts, e-money accounts, etc. What I like best is that it can be installed on USB flash drive that I carry with me and I don’t have to install it on a PC – it can be run off my USB flash!

  4. By Ramesh on Dec 8, 2009

    This is a great list…i would also recommend , it is the most comprehensive personal finance software for the indian audience, i have been using it to a while now and would request you guys to review it….should be fun !

  5. By Dyane on Nov 25, 2011

    All these personal financial programs definitely offer some great features and tools for budget planning and expense tracking. But I needed a program that would allow me to handle my personal finances in multiple currencies at the same time since I travel a lot. I’ve started using personal money manager and I don’t regret it. They have some really nice features that work smoothly both in the online and mobile version.

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