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April 10th, 2010 Posted in Reviews|Interviews

public mobile review

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This is a guest post by TDotgrit. TDotGrit is an analyst at aninvestment company in Toronto.  He occasionally blogs about politics at ( and you can follow him onTwitter at @tdotgrit

Yet another new player in Canada’s wireless market

Public Mobile recently launched in Toronto and Montreal.  They are the second new carrier in Canada’s wireless market (after Wind Mobile).

Plans – They offer one plan only – $40 for unlimited local calls and texts.  You also get unlimited texting to the US.  Comparatively, Wind Mobile’s $35 Always Talk plan gives you unlimited province wide calling, but it does not include unlimited texting.  It’s worth noting that as an introductory offer, unlimited Canadian long distance will be includedfor free.

Network – They are using a CDMA network, which means that they will not be able to provide data plans and their selection of phones will be limited.

Phones – They only have four models available right now.  These are fairly cheap.  However, since they use a CDMA network, you can’t switch phones easily (by moving your SIM card) like you can with Wind Mobile.  If you like smart phones, Public Mobileis not for you.

Contracts – Just like Wind Mobile, they do not require contracts.

Coverage – This is the biggest problem with Public Mobile.  They offer no coverage outside Toronto and Montreal right now, and your phone will simply not work if you’re not within the boundaries of their network.  If you’re visiting friends/relatives or driving up to the cottage, you might not be able to use your phone. Comparatively, WindMobile has deals in place with other carriers, and your phone works everywhere.

My Take – If you don’t care about handsets and data plans, and if you don’t need to travel with your phone, you can consider Public Mobile.  However, the $35 plan from Wind Mobile is just as good, and you have the option of switching handsets.  Most importantly, remember that your phone will not work outside of their coverage zone.


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  2. By annette on Jul 12, 2010

    please dont buy a public mobile phone u will regret everything not a good plan not to much calling area reception is very poor if i were u i will go with bell or fido or stick with bell home phone

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