Should You Switch To Wind Mobile?

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Wind Mobile, owned by Globalive Communications, launched its service in Canada and opened doors to new competition. Canada’s cell phone market was captured and manipulated by the big three carriers (Bell, Rogers, and Telus) for a long time. Wind Mobile’s entrance in Canadian market is revolutionary and is expected to make dents in the big three’s over-priced cellular plans. However, how economical are Wind Mobile’s voice and data plans? Should you switch right now?

Wind Offers Simple Plans

Wind Mobile currently offers these three simple voice plans:

Chat – $15 per month
Always Talk – $35 per month
Always Shout – $45 per month

It also offers an Unlimited Internet USB Stick Data Plan for laptop called Infinite Laptop priced at $55 per month. You can also add an unlimited data plan to the Always Talk and Always Shout plans for an additional $35 per month.

Update: Wind Mobile now has 2 cheaper data plans ($10 for 50 MB and $20 for 500 MB).

Wind Mobile – Need to Know

Before I go into whether you should jump into Wind Mobile, let’s look at what you need to know:

  • There are no contracts, no system access fees, no 911 fees, or any other fees.  However, the handsets are not subsidized either; you pay full phone prices upfront.
  • First month of any new Wind plan is free!
  • Wind allows you to buy just a SIM card (without a phone) and use it with your current (unlocked) handset.  But, Wind operates on the AWS band (1700 Mhz/BandIV), and a majority of phones available in North America (like the iPhone) are not compatible with this band. However, a lot of new phones (including Google’s Nexus One) do support this band.  Wind will verify if your current handset is compatible with their service.
  • Some of the big 3 have changed their basic plans to compete with Wind.  For example, Rogers now offers unlimited local calling on some of their plans.
  • Wind has amazing deals on voice plans, but if you combine voice + data, your monthly bill can be the same as (if not more than) the big three.
  • Wind offers Unlimited Wind to Wind calling on any voice plan.
  • Wind has an amazing unlimited local calling feature in any Wind Home zone.  If you’re in Toronto or Calgary (Vancouver, Ottawa, and Edmonton coming soon) there’s no roaming charge for using your phone.
  • However, you pay 25 cents a minute for calls outside Wind home zone.
  • Another great deal for travelers: All calls made from the US are charged at the regular Wind Away Zone rate (25 cents per minute).  This is a huge benefit compared to charges from other carriers that can reach $2 per minute when you use your phone in the US.

Should You Switch To Wind Mobile?

Wind Mobile plans may look like quite a deal if you are just skimming the surface. However, if you look deep enough, you will see that some Wind plans aren’t much different than what is already available in Canada. With Wind, a premium voice plan with data added would cost approximately $80 a month. This is not very different from the other three companies, and you may be able to get better deals with the other companies if you know how to bargain with them (yes, like everything else, you can bargain with your cell phone company). For example, I have a plan with my cell phone company which is something like Wind’s Always Shout plan but only better, and I pay  around $35 a month (after taxes, all fess and everything). If you are wondering – yes, I had to bargain with my cell company to get this deal.

My Take

Wind Mobile’s $15 a month Chat plan and $55 a month unlimited Internet for laptop plans are unbelievably incredible deals and most likely no other wireless companies in Canada can beat them. The unlimited Wind to Wind calling feature on the $15 plan is great for students and families.  If you are shopping for unlimited Internet for laptop and a low monthly plan, Wind is the way to go. If you travel within Canada and the US regularly, there are some excellent benefits to being a Wind customer.  If you are looking at the Always Talk and Always Shout plans, talk to the other wireless companies first and you may be able to get a better deal.


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  1. 148 Responses to “Should You Switch To Wind Mobile?”

  2. By Beth on Jan 19, 2010

    I’ve had so many problems with Rogers lately — including customer service reps lying to me — that I’d be tempted to switch just to ditch the company. Does anyone know anything about Wind Mobile’s customer service?

  3. By A.D. on Jan 20, 2010

    Beth, I called them once and my experience was totally positive. They are open 24 hrs. Readers, please share your customer service experience. Thanks.

  4. By Jay Miedema on Jan 20, 2010

    I just switched to wind, and must say the plans, customer service and even the phones are a great value, since the latter have little to no markup. The Huawei U7519 (aka tap) touchscreen is only $130.

    The only downside has been coverage. I’m in Calgary, and coverage has been shotty at best. In chinook mall for example, at the movie theater, I could not place any calls to my friend no matter how many times I tried. A block away, the call went through. Likewise in my basement suite, I’m constantly dropping calls and switching from Wind Home to Wind Away (roaming). This is frustrating, but it’s eased by the overall value and hope I have in their techs improving the coverage.

    I’d suggest new customers hold off a few more weeks before jumping into anything.

  5. By William L. on Jan 22, 2010

    No one should be making phone calls from a movie theatre anyway, so I wouldn’t sweat your coverage issues there Jay M…..

    Let’s just hope that a few more players come into the picture willing to undercut the big guys because Rogers, Bell and Telus are such financial monsters that they could just buy out WIND in a heartbeat, steal their customer base and keep the ‘Competition’ regulated at the prices they want rather than actually compete…like they do with Home TV service….

  6. By Sameer goyal on Feb 1, 2010

    I can only imagine the plans getting better with publicmobile jumping into the market in the next few months .

    I am holding my breath and waiting till the end of 2010 to get a wind phone . Hopefully their network will sort itself out by then.

  7. By AngryChineseDriver on Feb 3, 2010

    I’m an early WIND adopter from Toronto and I must say that it’s been great overall. Customer service is a million times better than Rogers, devices can’t be any cheaper, and coverage is pretty good — not the best and there are still some issues, but what do you expect from a brand-new company on a brand-new network?

    Personally, I’ve been getting great coverage/reception, but I do know people in Calgary and Toronto who have experienced less amazing service. What’s important though is that WIND actually listens and responds to feedback and complaints, something that blows my mind in our collusive wireless market.

    Just remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  8. By nasir on Feb 10, 2010

    I just switched to wind a month back , i jumped in so quick cuz i was fedup with rogers but believe me the experience is so awful that i suggest please wait atleast till 2011 to jump.The service is not there my calls drops anywhere in Toronto.People who dont drive a lot and most of times are in same locations like work to home and the towers r working good there will never feel anything,but a person like me who travel around the city as a courier (i drive 200kms daily minimum)can tell you how bad this phone is you talking to someone and the voice of other side gonna go low then disconnects.And if you see the main screen of phone itll show you Winds Away,which is just phony away in toronto.I called the customer service and complained they told me they are building these towers and engineers are there whatever the areas i complained.i live in scarborough,not in a basement or highrise just a ground floor unit,my calls drops there so bad that i compalined them on daily bases,but as they said about tower still not there and enemy copanies are dropping my calls.One gal asked me to switch the sim card or the phone by store(I use Huwavei)when i was in there in store (scarborough town centre)the store refused to do so and told its a technical issue.which can be solved by there engineers again.And this time after explaining every thing to the rep she advise me to contact huawei in china.Please dont be a victim and relax now go wind when time is right,but realy doubt the price then.

  9. By Kevin on Feb 10, 2010

    Been thinking about switching for a while now, just changed my fido plan to a $15/month plan so i can port out my #, on my way to the wind store now, I will keep you posted on the coverage and service i receive.

  10. By Feriel on Feb 25, 2010


    I am too a fido customer, I really want the latest blackberry (Bold 9700), I don’t like contracts but almost went with rogers or bell because it is so expensive to buyout the phone. I just found out about Wind and I am tempted to switch but I am a bit skeptical. I was thinking may be I could get the phone (it’s a bit cheaper) and then switch back to fido or rogers if I don’t like it. However, I am not sure if their phones work with other carriers.
    anyone know if they do?

  11. By Tindy on Mar 22, 2010

    Feriel, Wind does not use the same phone as any other Canadian cell company. I hope that answered your question.

  12. By amanda on Apr 6, 2010

    I just switched to wind — I am located in Ottawa and have had zero problems with the wind network. I am actually blown away by how great it is!

    People should give wind a chance 🙂

  13. By Darcy on Apr 8, 2010

    I have been looking at wind for a bit but i only have one question if i got the unlimited text addon does it work in a away zone??? im kinda hazy on this point

  14. By Lola on Apr 10, 2010

    i apologize for the length.

    so, i’ve been looking into wind for a long time now and i’m going to be the test subject for our family. always shout because that covers everything i use. i called them today, and they told me about all of the issues that they’ve been having, and said quite clearly that for a while, i’d have to be careful. and they’re having an aggressive plan to get the network out around my area. but they’re not sure when it’ll be complete. they offered no promises that were not on their website. there were warnings etc.

    however, what stunned me was the fact that the person i spoke to was ACTUALLY nice. i know for a fact that bell, rogers, fido and telus’ customer service is BS. they’re rude. plain and simple. if for the average 100 phone calls we make to complain about their service we get 3 nice people, and 5 reasonable people then it’s a nice month. it also seems that none of the companies know how to handle their own damn billing. one of the reasons that we’re trying out something different is that we’ve been customers of these companies for more than 3 years(there are 5 different plans in my house with different companies) and i think that the 2 larger ones(rogers and bell) have gotten our bills right…. 6 times? but they constantly harass their customers when the mistake is theirs to begin with. honestly, i’m not above paying for good service. and that seems to be what it’s going to come down too.

    for the guy who’s phone calls dropped all the time. i don’t know what to say… i was with a bigger company, in my house on ground level, in downtown locations, and every time a car drove by, my call would get cut off, and they were established for more than 20 years. they said i’d have no problems because i had one of the latest phones. then when we had issues, no one knew how to fix it. so it’s still possible on any network and it could have just been the phone.

    i also kind of don’t agree with negotiating with the phone company. simply because it seems to be the root of all evils. unless it’s initially what your plan was, there always seems to be trouble. and then months later when they screw up, and can no longer give you their initial offer because… your changes to your account mysteriously vanished from their system, what they try to offer is neither comparable to the offer, nor manages to stick for more than a month…

    i think that if bell, rogers, telus, and fido can at least learn some decency from their competition, then that’ll be enough. don’t forget that wind isn’t locking anyone into a contract, they don’t have service fees or activation fees, so you can try it, and don’t like it, say your peace, warn people of the issues, then move on(company wise ofcouse). there are plenty of companies coming out soon, i think public mobil was mentioned. Moblicity, and i know there was one that i looked interesting. but i mean, if you’re short on options, i think even the grocery store, and the gas station offer cellphone’s and plans now… and if all you want is a few minutes of talk time, i hear they’re not bad either

  15. By Rekha Prasanna on Apr 15, 2010

    Feriel, my cousin bought the Blackberry Bold 9700 from Wind and he unlocked it and using it with Fido now. I’m sure you can do it too.

  16. By Craig on Apr 24, 2010

    @ Rekha Prasanna

    You can definitely use it on Fido (which is Rogers btw) but you will not get 3g service because the Wind phones use a different band than Rogers does for 3g. You will still get edge data and all the other GSM services i.e. voice, text, etc.

    Just a note: if you want to buy a phone and unlock it to use on WIND, simply buy a T-mobile phone from the US. I got a Mytouch 3g (on Rogers = Magic) on ebay for significantly less than it would cost to buy from a carrier. This phone works fine on Wind 3G. Similarly, you can buy a US AT&T phone and use it on Rogers 3G if you unlock it. Unlocking generally costs about $20 and is 100% legal.

  17. By Mike on Apr 24, 2010

    Wind Mobile International Roaming is BAD!!!

    Rogers has been a very bad service provider and I signed up with Wind postpaid for the $45/month subscription just to try it out. I bought a Nokia N900 so I can just switch SIM cards between Rogers and Wind. When I signed up, I told the Wind rep that I travel a lot internationally and they told me that I will not have any problems with international roaming. Prior to leaving Toronto, I called their call center and they told me the same thing that I will not have any problems with international roaming.

    Lo and behold, when I got to Chile, Brazil and Argentina; although Wind mobile was able to pick up the various service providers in those countries but IT HAD NO ACCESS. Good thing, I did not terminate my Rogers subscription so I had means of communicating back-forth to Toronto.

    At Argentina, I called Wind and advised them of the situation. The call center rep said that they do not have international roaming beyond US and Canada. Another information given to me which has been very inconsistent with Wind.

    When I got back to Toronto, I went to the store where I bought my Wind SIM and talked to their manager. Apparently, my international roaming service was not activated yet I informed several people (again several not only one) that I travel a lot. Either people in Wind DO NOT HAVE COMMON SENSE, they DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMER NEEDS, or THEY HAVE IMPROPER TRAINING due to their inconsistent service.

    I requested for an extension of the 30 day free trial to 60 days since I will be doing more travel and will give Wind another shot with international roaming. Call center manager said that they cannot extend the free trial beyond 30 days.

    Rogers is bad but their network is reliable especially with international roaming. I strongly suggest that DO NOT SWITCH to Wind mobile since their answers are inconsistent and their service is really bad and will not go beyond the extra mile of helping the needs of their potential customers.

    I went for the extra mile by using my own money of calling Wind from Argentina regarding my situation yet they were not willing to reciprocate of extending the free trial for another 30 days.

    Extremely bad in all aspects. Network, service and provision of information to customers. Apparently, they did not listen to me yet they are supposed to.

  18. By VDY on Apr 30, 2010

    Signed up with Wind for nearly 2 weeks now. Solid phone and data service for my area. It really depends on where you live how good reception will be. I do notice at least one dead zone near where I live but when I’m at home or work, the reception is fine.

    I use the data to tether and it’s fine. Stable and reasonably fast.

    Can’t speak of customer service quality as I haven’t had to use them. It took a week for my account to be available online.

    If you look at the WIND cell towers location map you should get a decent idea if service will be OK in your area. I find if you have a few towers within < 1 major block of you signal will be fine.

  19. By steven on May 1, 2010

    I would like to think this company called Wind would do better than the other so called companys out there, if you want to call them that. The fact is Wind is just that, another company nothing more. They are there to make money, period.
    But if your majority of incoming and out going calls conversations consists of “where are you” or “what are you doing” I think you should save your money and get on with real life.

  20. By Manoj on May 3, 2010

    Rogers/Fido the worst company on this planet. I hope Wind teach Rogers/Fido some lesson as to how customer service should be and also the pricing

  21. By AirHead on May 9, 2010

    I’ve been hearing a lot of Buzz around this MOBILICITY cellular provider opening up shop soon (June 2010 ). Maybe thats’ why WIND has this ‘May 30 Promo’ going on!.
    CONS: Wind dropped call frequency.
    PROS: Mobilicity has even better deals,so I’m told. Details have not been released yet.
    CONS: Mobilicity “might” be piggybacking on the Wind Tower system for a period of time til they get their own towers constructed?(thats’ just a guess and heresy ).
    HOPES: That Mobilicity really rocks!

  22. By Shaniqua on May 31, 2010

    Wind sucks the big one. I hate them. I will go back to rogers before I stay with Wind. Boo Wind.

  23. By Gouri Misra on Jun 1, 2010

    I took Wind connection 4 days before and paid for partial of May and June. Now my phone is suspended. PLEASE AVOID WIND IF YOU CAN AFFORD OTHERS AS THESE PEOPLE MESSED UP BILLING SYSTEM AND PATHETIC CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  24. By Gouri Misra on Jun 1, 2010

    I would like to take back on what I said earlier. Here is my learning with Wind. Wind takes around 45 minutes- 1 hour to get them to speak to you. Customer service at Kiosk is not impressing. After 5 attempts, I got an opportunity to speak to Customer support service agent and found extremely is helpful. Patience is key when dealing with Wind. Price is low so I guess somewhere compromise has to be made.

  25. By A.D. on Jun 1, 2010

    I called them yesterday and the machine said that the wait time was something like 1 hour 16 minutes – so, I discontinued. However, I called them in many other occations and the wait was never that long. Once you get to talk to them, the experience is not bad at all. Yes, sometimes you have be patient.

  26. By ash on Jun 3, 2010

    my personal experience with mobile is not that great.. calls drop in middle of no where. and i m in teh scarborough area most of the time and all i can see on my screen is wind away(which means if i like to make a call i have to pay roaming charges) with this very unpleaseant experience i have no other choice or to go back to rogers..

  27. By jjamieson on Jun 4, 2010

    I don’t understand how Wind is different from the simple plans we already have in Canada. I do want cheaper but I switched to Koodo and it seems like im getting a better deal then I would be with any of winds plans. Plus you do have to pay for the phone outright. There are no hidden fees or contracts with koodo. Just the Tab which is NOT a contract. I just don’t get the appeal to Wind if I can get a better deal with Koodo.

  28. By Anthony on Jun 10, 2010

    I have had wind for 3-4 months now its great exept my signal… I live in Calgary Alberta and before i called in i didnt get any signal at my house. But now i get 3-6 when im in the city.

    The Costumer service is good exept the waiting time im gussing more people : less employees.

    When i call people ihave to wait a while idk? might be just me like 5-10 seconds before it connects.

    They offerd more jobs to Canada which can probubly help our economy by a bit. but its still something.

    My plan is
    $15 – 100mins and some other stuff
    $5- unlimited texting

    Rate 10/10 exept for the fact they dont have the iphone and wont get the new iphone 4…..

  29. By Mathew on Jun 15, 2010

    I’ve been with wind for a month now. I live and work in Mississauga. I haven’t had any customer service issues, but the coverage is spotty. Even in their “Home Zone” (according to the coverage map on the website) I’m not always connected to their network. When I’m in an “away zone” calls in and out often do not go through. Sometimes when I’m in the Home Zone and try to make a call, it gives me a “network busy” error.

    They still have some work to do.

  30. By P.W. on Jun 17, 2010

    I live in Calgary and cannot even make it to the city limits before I have no signal on wind. My wife was in Marlborough mall and could not call out and couldn’t recieve calls (we bought the phones from the wind store in the mall) and she had to be away from the mall about 300 yards before she could make or recieve a phone call. And if you go to Airdrie you can’t make or recieve calls and if you can they charge 25 cents a minute even 2 km in the city limits there is next to no service. And the attitude we have recieved from customer service was great but we found out they told us a load of crap to keep us on with wind. We have friends with the same phones on different companies and they work anywhere and they swear by there phones and the company they are with. Wind needs to get there heads out of their a$$e$ and realize that we bought the cellphones so we can be reached anywhere and call from anywhere. I give wind mobility two thumbs down for crap service and would never recommend them to anyone for the simple fact that they have no service anywhere even in thier wind home zones.

  31. By Candy on Jun 25, 2010

    I switched to Wind from Telus in March 2010. Got the rest of March free then April free (1rst month). Since I signed up b4 March 30 2010, I got a promotion of $150 credit for porting my number. If I didn’t get this promotion, I would probably have gone back to Telus or to another phone company because my coverage/service is almost non-existant.

    I have the Huawei touch screen phone that I paid $120 for. My friend and I bought the same phone at the same time and we both live in Brampton, ON. Our phones were great for the first 2 months….Her phone still works great, but my phone simply says “no service” or “emergency call” most of the time. It doesn’t work at home (west Brampton), at work (west Mississauga) or most of the places I go to in Toronto either.

    When it shows 2 or 3 bars of reception (rarely) and I try to dial a number, the bars disappear and I once again have no service.

    I’ve had the handset exchanged (since its under warrenty) and the SIM card changed also. Still having the same issue.

    I am EXTREMELY frustrated with this “inconvenience” and considering Mobilicity or back to Telus once these credits run out!

  32. By Yousaf M. Shaikh on Jun 30, 2010

    I switched to Wind about 3 weeks ago. My impressions? Well, I think the service is great; of course this depends largely on where you live but for where I live (Brampton, Ontario) it works really great. I’m a very predictable cellular subscriber; “predictable” in the sense that I typically use the phone in the same area(s) on a daily basis. I don’t roam or travel with my cell phone and I’m willing to wager that by the time I do need it for such purposes their service(s) would’ve expanded, so I’m not sweating it. I regrettably ended up purchasing the HTC Maple (talk about your mediocre cellular phone entries…sheesh!). It’s a very simple, plain phone. No bells or whistles here. I’m greatly disappointed though with Wind’s “customer service”. For starters, anytime I need to talk to them I have to wait for like an hour. No kidding. AN HOUR!!!! Also, the website registration was a real pain in the ass. It wouldn’t accept my e-mail address, so I had to create a secondary e-mail address and for whatever reason, it accepted that. So now I have to check 2 email addresses because I participate in the Wind Forum(s). And I find it disturbing that they can’t seem to correct the problem. I guess I find it disturbing because it’s THEIR WEBSITE; all of this is internal and if they can’t remedy this, then it begs the question : Are they capable of handling the invoicing on my cellular account? Now I’m worried that they may be incapable of billing me honestly and fairly. I realize that Wind Mobile is a new company, and when dealing with a new company you can either enjoy the cheaper rates and accept the lower level of customer service or you can PAY for better customer service from another company. Since I just bought my phone and have used it for more than 30 minutes (I can’t return it now) I guess I’ll just learn to deal with it.

  33. By ashwani Gandha on Jul 8, 2010

    i switched to wind about 4 months ago.wasnt a bad service from start buy past 3 or more days i cant recive no calls i call wind but there is more then 2 hour wait other problem when i got my blackberry off them they said after 3 months they will unlock my berry i called them after 3 months they gave me some number and told me too when i switch my sim just put that number in there and i tried it didnt worked so i call them and ask them if i can go too there wind store and maybe somebody can help me out at one off there store they said they wont so finally i got fed up with there service and today i went with fido as much i hate fido ,roger,bell , telus i mean there rip off plans and extras but i perfer too pay extra and get a better roaming with them then wind but in future i will come back with wind becouse they have better plans i hope they work on there service and roming .

  34. By ash on Jul 8, 2010

    i realy hope wind work on there service i mean really they have really bad service and realy bad roaming too wish u they luck wind

  35. By Amy on Jul 9, 2010

    “I did a real side-by-side comparison, and if you want to get a plan setup with all the same options, you’re looking at up to $145 with Fido, $125 with Bell, $129 with TELUS and $143.58 with Rogers.

    It’s not just the voice, it’s the other stuff that factors into it too.”

  36. By CJ on Jul 22, 2010

    Problem with Wind Mobile

    They have many areas within the downtown area where the phone indicates WIND AWAY. You are not allowed access to use the phone when it says this within the providers area (they may tell you different). Once I discovered this, I complained and they told me nothing could be done and it was too late to return my phone. I am moving to another provider as soon as I can.

    I strongly recommend you avoid this provider. The reception and service sucks.

  37. By Kailee on Aug 15, 2010

    I purchased a WIND data stick a few months ago and am very unhappy with it.

    I live in downtown Toronto, yet on a few occasions (about 5) I couldn’t get any internet access at all. Every call to customer service yields a different reason: the network is ‘down’; the problem is my computer (its not); the problem is getting service where I live (I live on the top floor of an apartment building in a major city – seriousy, I can’t get reliable service there? please), or no reason at all, the service just isn’t working properly (big help, huh?)

    The internet service, when I do get it, is VERY SLOW. Web pages usually time out, sometimes you can’t even watch a 30 second Youtube clip, and forget about downloading anything.

    The stick is supposed to work on any computer, but will not work on my laptop, only my PC. A few friends have tried it on thier computers, with mixed success.

    This thing cost $150, plus over $50 a month, and is complete crap.

    As for customer service: BAD. I’ve waited over 1/2 hour just to talk to someone, only to be put on hold for another 20 minutes to transfer to someone who was supposed to know what they were doing (they didn’t). The reps are friendly enough, but clearly lack training and a decent product.

    On WIND phones: I don’t have one, and never will, given my experience. A friend on mine does, and he is almost impossible to reach now. I alwalys get that annoying bitch voice saying “The WIND customer is unavailible”. He’s only unavailible becasue his cell phone service sucks so much.

    In case you can’t tell, I highly recommend you AVOID WIND.

  38. By SUZ DAYGLER on Aug 22, 2010


  39. By SUZ DAYGLER on Aug 22, 2010

    I have never once been able to use my phone in any wind away zone, even though I am paying for that service.
    Sometimes when I am at home it goes to wind away.
    The customer service is absolutely useless. The are untrained and it takes forever to get through. I love it when I wait 45 minutes on hold for customer service and then the call gets dropped!
    I have been rooting for all the competitors to fido, but if wind coverage does not improve soon, we will go elsewhere.
    People should complain to the CRTC. They are offering services they cant provide.

  40. By ROGERS SUCKS on Aug 24, 2010

    Why should I try to bargain with blood suckers to get the same plan that Wind and Mobilicity offer in writing?

    Also, I doubt you can get such deal from the big guys without signing for at least 3 years.

    We, canadians need to support new comers and change or stop winning about high prices if we don’t support fair competition.

  41. By A.D. on Aug 25, 2010

    Kailee, I used to have Wind Data Stick, but switched to Mobilicity due to connection problem. I will be writing a post on this shortly. Thanks.

  42. By Mars on Aug 30, 2010

    I have been with Fido before Wind. I had the city Fido plan with the add-ons (plan + Voicemail + caller ID + text + service fees + 911 + taxes was costing me just shy of $80 a month. This was a $45 city Fido plan (later changed to $50 city Fido)
    So when Wind Mobile come with their $45 plan unlimited talk and text + Voicemail, caller ID, 3way included with no other fees I drop Fido to join Wind.
    Now I’ve been with Wind for a quite a while and I haven’t been with such an unreliable Cellular provider.
    Some might think I’m trying to make Wind look bad, But honestly I could probably save you an headache.
    Here is a list of issues I have come across:
    -radio frequency sounds in the background,
    -dropped calls
    -drop of signal completely (no bars no signal for a short 1-5 mins)
    -Voice fading in and out (I would have to disconnect the call and redial)
    -Connection Error when I dialed out
    I have contacted the customer service when it got so bad that every one of my calls with being disconnected, I was told my SIM card was old, I need to replace it. After the exchange the problems are still there, just every 2nd or 3rd call or a lengthy call.
    I drive for a living so I’m not facing these problems in one location. And also I’m a heavy cellular user. I have tried to support a new Service provider, but I can not stay with them any longer, I was hoping they got better, but so far I don’t the see light.

    I have been with all the major networks (Bell, Rogers and Fido, Telus and Kodoo and now Wind. All SUCK because of their overcharged prices. But the best I’ve tested was Rogers Cellular Network, and no I don’t work for Rogers, but I have worked for Bell. I haven’t tested Bells new network.
    I should be switching over to Chatr Mobile very soon because they have the $45 plan with a better network but they don’t have any data plans. So I am also eyeing Mobilicity’s Voice and Data plan.

  43. By kevin on Aug 30, 2010

    I have had the worst experience with wind. even though I am within the “coverage zone” I was unable to make calls with my nexus– when the drop rate hit 90%, I told them bye bye.

    On the phone they are very nice people to talk to, if useless.

    The emails is pathetic, and I often wonder if it is a person or bot I am talking to, —I can ask very specif things int eh email, and they just send me some “form mail” back.


  44. By Jab on Sep 1, 2010

    Wind is the WORST company I ever used. Phone reception is very bad. I was conned into buying the second phone at full price because the sales rep at Holt Renfrew location centre location convinced me that it was my fault that my first phone did not work. I purchased two phones in last two months and lost all my business calls ( because the phone did nod not register these calls )because a technical fault at their their end. You might think it is cheap and you will end up saving some money but actually you will end up losing lot of money and end up with a headache. So do not switch your services to WIND because you will end up in a pain and agony. THEY ARE way behind rogers and telus. So be very careful when you sign up for them.


  45. By Lynn on Sep 3, 2010

    Does anyone have issues with viewing u tube vids with a blackberry curve?

  46. By Kate on Sep 8, 2010

    I’ve had terrible service with wind. My calls always drop. I haven’t had a lot of experience talking to customer service because usually the call gets dropped before I’m taken off hold. At least at Rogers only SOME customers are getting screwed.

  47. By Shish on Sep 18, 2010

    They made me to be the dog. Go outside to answer my calls and then when I get there, the call drops. Ruff Ruff
    P.s. back with Rogers.

  48. By Chris on Oct 19, 2010

    Wind is horrible. Their sales people know nothing and when you call the toll free number they know even less! They also do NOT refund your purchase even if you are within their refund period.

    The reception was horrible in downtown Edmonton with the blackberry I bought and when I complained about it and asked for my money back, they refused to refund the phone or the rate plan purchase. They did however cancel the plan immediately so I had paid for both the phone and plan and got nothing in the end. My work work phone is with Telus and I’ll be switching my personal from Wind back to Telus because it simply works!

  49. By Cerro Y. on Oct 30, 2010

    I have had WIND for six months because I signed up with a discount that ran that long. Now it is time to go.

    There is no comparison in quality with my work cell which is a Telus. When I get a call on the WIND phone it has very poor sound quality and I often have to strain to hear what is being said. So often I will call back my contact on the Telus phone and the sound quality is very, very good–no effort.

    I went to an electronic shop and tried my WIND SIM card in a couple of phones and the techie and I concluded the problem is the WIND network, not the phone. Too bad–I’m deciding where to go.

  50. By Edward on Nov 5, 2010

    I switched to Wind from Fido a couple of months ago. Wind *is* slightly cheaper than Fido. However, it is not unusual to find myself in a “Wind away” zone right dead centre in the middle of Vancouver, and this happens pretty regularly. Presumably, they don’t have as many cell towers/signals, so when their’s are full I get pushed over to another carrier. I’m paying $10 a month for a data plan that I can’t use half the time because I’m not in a “Wind Home” zone. So, the “slight” savings doesn’t quite make up for the lack of consistent access. If it weren’t for the fact that I hated Fido more than Satan himself I might consider switching back, but no thanks. I’d rather suffer than go back to those bastards.

  51. By JS on Nov 7, 2010

    When comparing carriers please take into consideration that new entrants need some time to establish. If we do not support them, how will they be able to improve without making any money secondly the BIG ….. will again monopolise the market.

    I am in contract wit one of the Big three and paying a lot of money every month but still have issues. Changed phone still getting dropped calls. Trying to escalate the issue now. Let’s see what happens.

  52. By Hamed on Nov 11, 2010

    It is so DISAPPOINTING!!!

    I purchased a WIND line and an HTC Maple phone on Nov. 8, 2010. The phone has a sporadic static when someone speaks at the other end. I took the phone to the WIND dealer at Block Buster at High Tech RD, Richmond Hill. She told me that she could not do anything for me (not even send the phone for technical inspection) because SHE did not hear the static!!!! Is this a professional way of rendering technical services at WIND??!!! This means that after 5 days of purchasing the phone, I did not receive any service from the company! Isn’t it weird? It is as if your car has a problem in its circuit unit, and the clerk at the front desk of the repair shop does not identify any problem with your car by looking at the circuit!

    I have sent a message to the WIND’s technical team, and waiting for a reply from them. That said, I have already had an awful experience with the services rendered by WIND, and have decided to cancel my line.


  53. By CellPhone on Nov 16, 2010

    Some of the individuals here really amaze me. You were most likely complaining about not having competition, now that there is some you are not willing to give a chance. Ask yourself a question…for example how many years did it take fido for example to have their networks not drop call plus the lies. btw, if you buy some cheap Chinese phone…that is exactly the connection you will get. it to years for the big three to build their networks to a decent standard and it was based on lies like the connection fee. give wind a chance. I have it with a decent cell phone and withing the area i have no issues. price is good as for thesame plan on fido, it would be twice as much. you people with your koodos and other off brand names, why don’t you do some research and see that telus and roges own everything and are fooling you because you have not imaginations. And for those whining about roaming internationally….ya rogers my be better because wind uses brand new up to date technologies and not everyone is up on that….and if you want a 600 dollar phone bill for roaming on rogers in Dubai…and total of 20 minutes of air time….you are simply sad.
    For most of you, with the exception of a couple comments, Judging you all by your collective IQ…you should not be allowed to own cell phones…its idiots like you use use em while your gassing up. That’s right, go back to rogers and telus, and bell so they can rip you of some more. I’m more than willing to give wind a chance to build up their network, and what i am getting is what is to be expected. The big three ripped you off for years, with contracts, connections fees, a company comes along that offers some competition and you want subsidized cell phone? YOu who think this way should really not be allowed to have a cell, as you are not intelligent enough to own one.

  54. By Cadino on Nov 17, 2010

    Overall arrogance is in the blood of canadians.Unlike other places in the world, there is no business I know of in Canada whose customer service representatives are not arrogant. From Hydro Ottawa to phone companies.

  55. By Neverwind on Nov 19, 2010

    My post on Wind Community has been removed within 24 hours. So, I think it is time to share with you guys for your information.


    Wind Mobile is not reliable. …

    Wind Mobile is not reliable. Don’t go this company.
    I opened my account on Nov.5 with promotion of 50% of $45.
    I found there are 2 companies’ number cannot going through. My phone answered: This number is not exiting. One in North Vancouver, another in Burnaby.
    After 2 days long waiting and conversation with Customer service and Technical support, the only solution is to ask those 2 companies to update their system for Wind service.

    Sounds ridiculous and that is impossible mission!!!! Did anyone write down the below sentence in your resume:
    I am a perfect candidate, but before hiring me, you have to double check that if your phone system has connected to Wind Mobile. Otherwise,you have to update your system to reach me.

    Since my usage is over 30mins,even I am still in 14 purchase days, I cannot return the phone and cancel my plan for free.

    I gonna transfer my number in Fido. (I choose Fido is not for their service,just because that a guy selling Fido phone on Craiglist with shortest remaining month plus there is $59 fido dollars.)

    However, I just knew that even I don’t use my wind phone, I still have to pay 3 month bill. Does Wind is really no contract? Definitely not…

    And more: Since I will have another phone, I want to lower my plan to $15 (lowest rate). There is no 50% off since this offer is only for NEW customer.

    Ok, Let’s calculate my lose:
    1. Lost a job interview since my phone answered the number is not exiting.
    2. I report my credit card lost incidentally since my wife couldn’t reach me in time because of the damn network, I lost $40 purchase reward. ($2000 air tickets have to be issued next Tuesday, but replaced card is most likely arrived next weekend)
    3. Buy a used Fido cell, $20 for number change ( I gonna transfer my number from Wind to Fido)
    4. 3 month Wind service $22.5 x3 = $67.5
    5. $60 (phone price. I may sell for $30 after 3 month)

    For this company, the following you have to know:
    1. Some companies land line cannot get through Wind network. So, Wind is not for people doing business.
    2. There IS a contract. You have to keep the account at least 3 month.
    3. Customer services are only following their own policy. They don’t care your situation.

  56. By mohammad on Nov 20, 2010

    i just got my samsung glaxy s t mobile and got a mobilicity unlimited data talk plan on it. i have no problems with the network the only problem is it just covers till mississuaga on west on east till pickering on north till vaughn or before that. but i also kept my telus when i am out of town i use that i cut all the features on telus and made it a very basic plan i will wait for a year before i complitely disconect my telus and hopefully till then mobilicity will have some more area coverd as there customers are increasing every day.

  57. By Jay N on Nov 23, 2010

    Overall: Not bad

    – cheaper phone plans (especially if you took advantage of their promotions)
    – easy to “top up” through phone or internet
    – exellent customer service (with exception to one cust. service rep.

    – dropped calls
    – getting stuck on “Away mode” after going underground (FIX-ABLE)

    I joined WIND back in June because Fido totally screwed me over by hooking me into a 3 year plan re-newal plus a 3 year data plan so that I could use my Fido points to buy an iPhone 3GS. It wasn’t a bad decision at the time because I enjoyed it for a good year, but what I didn’t notice in the first couple months was that they changed the price on my limited edition “City Fido plan” which was $45 per mo for unlimited incomming/outgoing calls in the lower mainland. Fido raised it to $55 per mo, plus the data plan made my bill come to around $120 per mo. I had to pay $400 in total to buy out of my contract and that was definately worth it because after doing the math, if I stuck with Fido for the remaining two years I would have dished out about $1700 more than if I used WIND’s $45 “Always Shout” plan (The most expensive plan WIND offers).

    With WIND, I did have some issues with the connectivity as well as one unsatisfactory customer service rep (just once though). Not to mention that my iPhone is pretty much an expensive paperweight since WIND’s GSM band can’t be supported by it. Other than that, everything’s a lot better now that they’ve increased their coverage.

    After talking to one customer service rep about the connectivity issues, she showed me how to switch my phone settings so that I don’t change into “Home mode” and since then I haven’t really got any dropped calls or problems making or receiving calls.

    How to do it:
    1) Go into Settings > Connectivity > Network
    2) Change the “Network Mode” to “UMTS” (I believe the original setting was “GSM”
    3) Enjoy!

  58. By CW on Nov 26, 2010

    Such a terrible experience, I’m going back to the bandits I know!

    We wanted a simple $35 /month plan with no data.

    We ended up being billed several hundred dollars for data charges. Since we only ever used WIFI on the phone once or twice, and since we don’t surf or watch movies on the phone, these were a complete surprise. We specifically told them “no data”.

    After absolutely terrible customer service (they’d misentered our email address, misspelled our street name, and misentered our postal code… and forgot to enter our credit card info for automated payment… so we never got a bill… and never had a sense of a problem… until they cut us off and told us we owed $300 for 2 months of use), I was extorted for over $200 to close the account.

    Wind sucks. Wind blows. The wind has broken. Who branded them? It’s such an accurate representation.

  59. By Lys Nguyen on Dec 6, 2010

    I’m international student in Vancouver and using Fido now.

    Honestly, I hate phone services in Canada since they require so many “security” things and unnecessary fees, not to mention the horrible customer services. I can never get into any Fido rep. In some rare chances, I got some guys with heavy Indian accent. I’m not discriminate any ethnic groups, but seriously, I cannot hear their Indian accent, at all!

    My Fido phone is also based on somebody else credit card since I dont have one and using Fido prepaid service is just killing to students.

    I’m thinking of switching to Wind or Mobicility, but I wonder if they will ask me for a credit card to sign up for their services? It would be as good if they offer the same prepaid plans as postpaid plan with no extra fees. I’m willing to go to prepaid if it’s exactly like postpaid.


  60. By Catherine on Dec 15, 2010

    DO NOT SIGN UP FOR WIND…unless you want a headache down the road.

    1. The rebates get postponed to the next month then when you call back, they postpone it again. It has been almost half a year and did I get my rebates worth $100? NO!

    2. Customer service varies, some can speak English, some are sweet, some threaten and call you stupid when the fault is theirs

    3. Wind is pleasant with you when you pay them but once you mention terminating the service, they don’t even bother asking why, to improve. They just coldly cut you off. They don’t even tell you the best time to terminate or what privileges you end up losing. You have to watch your own back. Even Telus was kind enough to tell you.

    4. Reception only works when you are in the home zone. Based on their map I am in the home zone but the phone is on away zone 80% of the time. This is from Vancouver to Richmond. Why continue to pay for the plan when you don’t get to use your phone???

    5. People cannot call in if your phone is in away zone. We lost so many business calls because of this. And where were we? AT HOME in Vancouver!

    6. Takes 30 tries and 1 hr to send a text message from home.

    7. Phone auto connects to internet and you get data charged even though you don’t use it.

  61. By Marilyn, Calgary on Dec 16, 2010

    On the surface the plan looked good, the phone fantastic. None of the ‘stores’ had the phone that was on sale so I went to a “Take Out Store” and purchased; arrived home and activated on-line and pre-paid three-months worth of fees; all of a sudden my home is no longer in a Home Zone. Send Customer Service email complaint to try to get resolution.
    Day Two, called customer service who tried to help me get the phone to work with no luck (worked for about 5 minutes then back to Away Zone). Called back to cancel plan (well within the contract 14-day cancellation clause and 30 minute maximum use for the phone) and told I had to go to a “Corporate Store” for refund.
    Day Three, went to Corporate Store who said they cannot take back phone from “Take Out Store” (contrary to info from Customer Service) and can’t refund money prepaid – must contact Customer Service. Go to Take Out Store and they can refund as they have no way to check the 30min. usage maximum, must go to Wind Mobile directly. Call Customer Service again and they redirect me back to a Corporate Store – this is not working for me. Send another Customer Service Email, really ticked now – false advertising, false information for initial start-up, not sticking to contract, please advise how to get refund. Email complaint to Better Business Bureau.
    Day 4, Better Business Bureau recognizes complaint and launches inquiry with Wind. No word from Wind Mobile either by phone or email.
    Day 5 – nothing
    Day 6 – nothing
    Day 7 – send message asking for assistance in resolving problem to Wind Chairman, Anthony Lacavera. Try to phone Mississauga, ON head office for assistance, get passed around on hold for 45 minutes give up.
    Still no resolution in sight. It’s time to contact the CRTC and make formal complaint there too. All for a $110 credit – pathetic but I can’t afford to donate the funds to their corporate coffers! It seems they’re trying to make you wait until the contract refund period expires.

  62. By Tdot on Dec 20, 2010

    Thanks All! For now I will stay with Bell…
    Wind/Mobilicity has some growing up to do first! I am sure a year down the road things will look better….

  63. By Reggie on Dec 20, 2010

    I’ve been with WIND for over a month now, and I’ve had an EXCELLENT experience with them (I live in Toronto)

    I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S (which is an Android phone) from T-Mobile and used the phone with WIND’s Unlimited Talk and Unlimited Data plan, and the service beats anything I’ve had with Telus. The prices are very reasonable, the coverage is improving everyday, and I even get reception in my basement.

    When I’m sitting in the doctor’s office, or waiting for the bus, I just go on my phone and endlessly stream Youtube videos, knowing that I don’t have to worry about Data fee’s.

    Android Phone+WIND Mobile= AWESOME

  64. By Kae F on Dec 27, 2010

    I’m really confused by a lot of what I’m reading. I live in Calgary, and I’ve had ZERO issues with my WIND phone. I’ve gone all over the city, I’ve never been in an AWAY zone. Texting and calling has been fast, no dropped calls, texts go through right away, calls sound great. Phones are a good price, plans are AMAZING. I had an extremely bad experience with Fido, they REFUSED to send me a bill, but demanded I pay them what THEY said was owed, which was 1100 dollars, for internet usage.. which was IMPOSSIBLE on the phone I had (this was about three years ago) If you are willing to deal with ridiculous companies like telus, rogers and bell because of a few dropped calls, then I’m sorry.. but you are an idiot. My WIND phone has been AWESOME.

  65. By Shannon on Dec 27, 2010

    I broke my FIDO phone yesterday and still have 3 months left on my contract. I decided to look into other companies instead of going back on another contract with FIDO. I saw WIND at the mall and they are offering a Holiday Miracle Plan for $40/month with unlimited everything! This seems too good to be true but I was very excited about it because to get the same with Fido it would cost me way more. After reading these comments I am not sure now, I live in Toronto and the offer is on till the end of this week. Anyone in Toronto with exceptional service, or at least passable service? I work full time and do not need to use my phone for work, but I would also hate that my kids were trying to get in touch with me and could not get through in an emergency.

  66. By Brenda on Dec 30, 2010

    Can I use the phone I bought from WIND for fido prepaid plan, like Nokia 5230?

  67. By littlebearz on Jan 8, 2011

    been with wind over 4 month now, very good, internet reset sometimes.

  68. By k on Jan 12, 2011

    i live in calgary. i used fido before, but i lost my phone and need a new phone immediately, so i switch to wind without contract. however, i found some problems for wind. i can’t make call to city of calgary at # 311. i called wind’s customer service. they just explained that wind user couldn’t make phone call for this number. they also said they couldn’t make a request or technical support by phone. they said i needed to make a request on-line. i waited for their service call line more than 25 mins, but they did nothing. later i made a request of that issue via on-line 2 months ago, but i still haven’t got back from them. as well, wind mobile doesn’t have a function of “block callers” and “e-mail sms text”.

  69. By Lawrence on Jan 15, 2011

    I would not recommend Wind to anyone. I bought two phones from them. Coverage is horrible even though I live in South Western Scarborough. I get no service at home and wife get none at work. Nothing can be done; they say we are in a dead zone and we may get service “some day”. Tried to return the phones after 37 mintues of use but was denied a refund as I was over the 30 minute maximum. 31 of the minutes were on hold to Wind. Also, customer service on the hold is aweful. Call them up and see how long you will be on hold… Generally 30 minutes to 2 hours. I love their plans but they are no good to me if I can use the phones at home/work….. I am not sure where to go —

  70. By Aro2220 on Jan 17, 2011

    I switched to wind. Here’s my take:

    Pros: No contacts, good customer service, and the plans can be excellent (I got $25/always shout so I can call anywhere in Ontario as long as I’m in my wind home zone)

    Cons: Coverage. If i’m in my underground parking or in dense rooms I can lose my connection and it will switch to the pay-per-use wind-away zone. I disabled this on my phone so I just have ‘no’ service instead of ‘pay’ service and I prefer that.

    If you need a really good connection no matter where you go then pay out your ass to the lying rogers company…but after all their lies and theft and the hours and hours and hours of pulling teeth required to them to just follow their word, I gave up on that. I’m going to support WIND and let them build up their network.

  71. By Julian on Jan 19, 2011

    I will get a plan and a wind phone from this offer (expire on Jan 31). I’ll let u know my findings on Vancouver and Burnaby.

  72. By ash on Jan 21, 2011

    I am a student from Ottawa. I pay 25+tax for the student plan. It is the best deal you can find in Ottawa. Also take a look at mobilicity. At the time I was buying the plan mobilicity’s plans were not as cheap as Wind. Some times your calls would drop but it is not annoying at all (only few times it is not always).
    I am satisfied with the student plan. The plan seems to be FAIR (not really but much better than the big three)!!!

  73. By Angie on Jan 22, 2011

    well all i can say is that i have rogers and i travel all the time as my business requires me to travel i cant miss a call and i need the fastest services provider when i need my service i need my serves but really i understand this is an upcoming company but my concern is from the reviews i have been reading and seeing from my friends wind phone i am not willing to change to this company until they perfect there towers because i am not willing to drops my calls in important calls and not be able to receive business call no way i have been with rogers for a long time and i pay 30$ unlimited calling in Toronto and receiving unlimited from rogers customer care provided this to me if u actually talk to them they can really help u … they have promotions all the time but only when u speak to someone in customer care not customer serves they cant do nothing for you in ur plan.

    so my thing is yes to wind

    or no to wind ??????


  74. By Mass on Jan 28, 2011

    I purchased a HTC Maple through Wind (Dec.18,2010),and signed up for the $40 Holiday Miracle Plan (Unlimited data/voice/text). Originally the phone/plan was going to be given to my mother as a Christmas present, instead however I gave her my newly renewed CityFIDO (Unlimited voice/text). Well what a mistake, after a few days of texting my contacts to inform them of my number change, the HTC Maple speaker and microphone stopped working. I was suggested to upgrade the firmware, which I did, and the phone started working again, for 3-4 days, then the same problem. Did a hard reset, phone started working again for another 3-4 days, then stopped working. Having had enough, I finally got to the wind store after the holidays, and they replaced the phone. The new HTC Maple however, drops calls all the time, so many times in fact that its becoming entirely too frustrating. If I remember back to my CityFido, when they started it had dropped calls, but maybe half a dozen a month. I get over a dozen dropped calls a DAY with Wind. According to those who manage to be on the phone longer than the traditional 2 minutes, the call have werid beeps, static, volume inconsistencies, and echo. On my side the calls are all clear, but I am constantly repeating myself, until the call drops.
    Called Tech support, and got nothing but a run-around, tried emailing them, same run around. I have no options left, and certainly can’t stay to support a company who has such a poor service.
    Just for the record, I did support FIDO when they came in and stuck with them 9 years now. So I’m not apposed to supporting emerging companies, but WIND is really making it difficult to stay with.

  75. By David on Feb 3, 2011

    I got the unlimited data, voice, texting in any wind zone for $40 monthm which is great for me as that is where I use my cell a majority of the time. So far my phone has worked resonably well.

    I did a couple of issues which took a while to sort out because the customer service is really bad.

    I am going to stick with them a little longer as I would like to give them a chance to compete against the big 3.

  76. By Sohila on Mar 1, 2011

    Hi, I switched from Fido to Windmobile in Nov 2010. I had fone from wind and my friend give it to cous I heard you cant use any other fone withWind mobile compny’s service. so finally When i went to windmoble store in the mall, they said I can get new fone for FREE FREE and i have to only pay $20 every month.
    but after 2 months I found out that the phone was not really free and its called” Tab contract” and any time I leave Winds I ave to pay them back $140.00 for the phon.

    I want to be honest with you, they service is not good at all. my friend text me in the morning and i recive it in the the begning i was recomnding this providor to all my fareinds and my family but not now they make fun of me.
    After two months i called Windmobile and the computor operator said minimum estimated time that somebody will hel me was 173 MINS!!! can u belive it. so I waited and finally talked to the manager. He said he is sorry he can not do anything becouse its two late and i was supos to ready the pappers that tehy made me sign in the store. and thats it. I dont care about the $140 to pay them and leave this compnay byt the probelm is I feel bad …couse they are doing this with 1000 of Candians and ppl are fooled.

    So Plz Plz be carefull when you want to switch.

  77. By Mark on Mar 2, 2011

    I made the switch from Rogers and while it was not without a couple dropped calls, the services has improved dramatically and the customer service never left me wanting more. $40/month for unlimited talk,text,data has made me more patient of a few growing pains compared to beating mt wallet was taken with the Big 3 (Not to mention the customer service) I am one happy WIND customer!

  78. By Tarek on Mar 5, 2011

    I have 3 lines from wind, network reception is not a problem but the Alcatel phones are really not reliable and shouldn’t be sold with wind tab. this might ruin the company growing reputation. when we asked the dealer to upgrade to blackberies. we have been told no we can’t upgrade only replace the phones by refurbished Alcatel!!! and we have to pay for the blackberies at the full price.

  79. By Wind is awesome on Mar 9, 2011

    Hey guys,
    I live in toronto and commute to hamilton on a daily basis. Wind mobile is plain and simple awesome! This guys review is biased since he says wind can charge up to $80. I pay for unlimited Canada wide calling + unlimited Data (yes everything in comming to outgoing is unlimited)a total of $45+tax which is awesome. Their service has improved remarkably and I have no dropped calls since months (since nov 2010). My friend that dont have a data plan pay $25/month for unlimited Canada wide calling+text. On top of that, wind lets u browse facebook, youtube, weather networks of ur area and more for absolutely NO COST. If you are still paying $100/month with robbers or the rest of the thieves, I suggest you show them the (One word deleted by the editor) ASAP. I did and i cannot be happier. I have also made 22 of my friends switch to wind (H) and received $5 for every referral and special thanks from Wind. But that’s because I’m awesome!
    Anyhow’s I hope this review helps and you guys stopped getting ripped off.

  80. By dieaa on Mar 9, 2011

    Wind mobile service is very bad. They have very weak signal. Their billing system is very confusing. They charge you for two months, one month behind and one month in advance when the bill only indicated one month. You can’t argue with their customer service because they simply reply “sorry, we can’t change our system and you have to pay your bill regardless”.

    Just because I have to wait for three month to get my cell phone unlocked, I had to pay my bill. Here is the surprise !!! their online payment service does not work. I tried and tried and tried for several days but their online service was down, then had to go personally to one of their shopping stands to pay the bill. Now more surprise, the bill I had to pay had an amount very different from the bill shown online.
    My advice, Never think about using windmobile service. It is a bit cheaper than other companies but will give you real nightmares.

  81. By Chairman Meow on Mar 10, 2011

    I am in Hamilton, Ontario. After a long time with Bell I switched to WIND in mid December. I just switched to another provider. WIND is a stand alone company and simply doesn’t have enough towers to provide coverage. I had to stand next to my 10th floor window in downtown Hamilton to get a signal. The reps do lie. On March 2nd I got a replacement phone in case it was defective. Yesterday I called to get my unlock code and was told that I had to wait 90 days from March 2nd. Today I tried to get a refund for the newer phone citing the 14 day return warranty. I was told that the warranty started to run in December. I was offered immediate unlock and a new phone but what’s the use? I already switched to chat-r and now can’t take my phone since I got one from chat-r.

  82. By Andres M on Mar 23, 2011

    I have Wind since January in Calgary, and I really cannot complain. I was not able to have a long term contract and I’m being new to Canada it doesn’t fit in my mind to pay for receiving calls(wtf??)
    It’s true that you go to the limits of the coverage area and are in Zone Away, but it’s also true that you can configure the phone to stick to Home, for example only enabling 3g.
    I have the unstoppable plan, and Internet is working, I travel weekly between Calgary and Toronto (Mississauga) and services in both cities have been great. When I travelling away of the zone, I just pay 25c per minute, it’s not so bad.
    I cannot even think to be tight on a 3 years contract to some carrier, on these days that’s too much time.

  83. By Competition on Mar 23, 2011

    My review for wind.

    When they first started I was excited, because what Canada needed was a real competition in the wireless industry. I was thinking to myself finally new providers to give the big 3 and their multiple subsidiaries a run for their money. After my bitter experience with Wind the excitement has died down.
    I purchased three phones from wind between when they first started to December of 2010, I paid upfront for all of them and got the talked about real unlimited plan. The first two phones worked fine, not great but did the job. I liked not being on a contract, I liked not having billing issues (they were prepaid), I liked the fact I was supporting the small dog face the lions in the industry. Come December 2010 and I decide to buy another phone this one for myself and unfortunately chose to be on the wind tab of $150.
    Within a day I realised the phone did not work for me, no service in my office building or if I may “Wind Away” on my cell phone 10 hours of the day. It was clear to me that wind was not ready just yet. Within 7 days and probably 5 minutes of usage on the phone I decided to return the phone as per their policy of 14 days and 30 minutes. The sales staff friendly, no questions asked took the phone back and gave me a receipt for the return.
    Everything is good, no communication from Wind although I was expecting a bill for the 7 days (pro-rated) that I had the phone for, fair enough. To my surprise I did not get that either, with Christmas and the holidays it was all forgotten about. Early March I get an automated call asking me to call a number for personal business, I call them!!!!
    It is a collection agency telling me that I owed Wind $171.00 and some change, I was aghast for a moment I thought I had been a victim of identity theft, I told the agency that I only had prepaid phones with them. I was bluntly told by the agency that Wind had already reported me as a delinquent (payment due by 90+ days) to the credit bureaus and if I did not get it resolved with Wind within 7 business days they would take further action. Oh, and by the way expect a letter from us as well in the mail.
    I was at a loss of words, hung up and called wind to join their “conversation”. Waited for about 10 minutes and was informed that it was a wind tab that I had taken up and not paid. I explained to the lady that I had cancelled the account and returned the phone as well. Her reaction was “Oh !! well in that case I cannot help you and you will have to go back to the store you purchased the phone from.” I did not bother with her and THANK GOD I had my return receipt with me.
    So I walk into the store explain them the situation and get a candid response from the sales man there that they can’t help me and I should be contacting customer service. Same story again explained them the situation and finally someone agreed to look into my account and agreed with me that the phone had been returned, but coulf not help me as they needed a manager to take care of it who is only available between 10 and 3 (Mon – Thu). I was beginning to get upset now and told them I would not skip a day of work to get this fixed when it is your fault. Either way that did not get me anywhere.
    I called up customer service again and this time the man was willing to help me, he arranged a supervisor call back for me, opened an investigation ticket as well as arranged a call back from the back office and he assured me I would get a call back within 72 hours from them. I was satisfied hung up and waited for the phone call. 5 days and zero phone calls later I called them again and was greeted by a surprised operator who once again said that they could not help me and I needed to go to the store, I asked to speak to a supervisor. After much arguing and “the manager will say the same thing” I was able to convince him to get his manager. Manager seemed to care about my issues and seemed like he would help me out. He promised saying he would personally look into it and call me back by 6:00 pm the next day.
    3 more days and zero phone calls later I decided to call up the collections agency who basically informed me there was no update to my account. I called customer service again and this time their back office was having a team get together and hence their lines were going into voice mail and no one was available to speak with me. I just hung up.
    Next day I decide to call them at 10:00 am as that’s the time they start working, the back office. Finally I get to someone in the back office and he tells me not to worry about it, we will take care of it soon. I told him I was worried about my credit rating, he said that is something you will have to take up with the agency. Either way I was not satisfied with his answers and told him I wanted to speak with his supervisor or manager.
    This is by far the best part, the man totally amazed at me and in a quizzical tone tells me, “Sir I am the manager”. This time I tell him I understand that you are the manager, but I want to speak to the person you report to. He confidently tells me this is the highest it gets, I don’t report to anyone. I was forced into asking him are you the CEO of Wind? His response to that was no, but I report directly to him and the board of directors and if I wished to speak to them he would suggest that I go to and look them up and call or email them as I would deem appropriate.
    I gave up and filed a complaint with The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS). Hopefully they will do something about it. They do seem to promise that they will resolve the issue very soon. Have a problem with your provider, give them a shout.

  84. By Terribly disappointed on Mar 25, 2011

    I couldn’t stand Rogers, and all their billing schemes.

    Unfortunately Wind is just that – hot air.

    Poor service, poor reception and I have been 5 months! trying to solve a problem with my phone. constant run around – they have replaced the sim card 3 times One of the the sales agents blamed the problem on my phone -saying it was very poor quality that is a phone that Wind provided.

    If I was more technical I could have built a phone with all the time I have spent speaking to or waiting for customer service.

    A Real shame I was hoping Wind would be a viable alternative to what we were offered in Canada.

    Don’t switch but use Wind’s prices to negotiate with another provider. Good luck.

  85. By Rob on Apr 4, 2011

    Wind Mobile service is certainly having their growing pains. I found they have so many areas where there are weak signals or areas where there is no connectivity around the whole Greater Toronto Area, it was like when Bell first introduced cellular service more than 30 years ago. If you are using it for business I think you will see it is unreliable. For limit use like I use it for, you have to be patient and just move to another area where you can get connected. Since you should be driving and talking maybe this is a good thing!

    It appears the staff is more into catchy phrases or sayings than actually fixing problems. While they promoted on-line payment plans, this system is down and their customer service representatives don’t have a clue as to when it will be back up. While they will accept credit card payment over the phone, you must give they all your personal information relating to the card prior to them processing it. With the well publicized general concerns about identity theft, I wasn’t willing to give this. With their reluctance to get this service back up and running I get the feeling they are building their own database, for whatever purpose. For my limit cellular use, and the half price plan I got for data, I really don’t have the right to complain too much about the limited connectivity, but if they are trying to compete with the “big boys” their service and customer care is extremely poor.

  86. By Being Robbed by WIND on Apr 13, 2011

    I subscribed to Wind $20 per month wireless phone plan on December 27, 2010 plan for my wife emergency phone . There is no contract and I paid my phone device in full with a month credit (top up) at the dealer store. On January 27, 2011, I topped up (credit purchase) $80 before taxes on Jan 27, 2010, with $20 Plan this should cover me until end of May.

    In Mid February, I got my service disconnected for insufficient credit. I spend more than an hour with WIND Collection Department to sort it out. At the end they said they fixed the problem and told me that I am good for the next 4 months. In early March, my service was disrupted again and spent over 30mn on the phone. I ended up getting the service back and The Wind rep told me that he is going to fix the issue.
    On March 24, 2010 my service got suspended again, I called Wind Mobile Support and was transferred to the Collection Department and they told me my credit balance is zero, When a I asked them about my $80 top up end of January 2011 which should go to end of May 2011. The wind rep told me that my $60 credit was transferred to another account on February, 24. I asked to which account the credit was transferred to and WIND answer was they don’t know ,They can only ask their IT department to investigate and will get back to me in 2 to 5 days with the information.
    My wife and I are 100% sure that we did not do any credit transfer. We only have one phone and one account with WIND. There is no way the credit our phone got transferred from device by any of us . If WIND is claiming that the credit got transferred we have the right to know to which account the transfer was made to. WIND mobile has not got back to me with any information regarding the credit transfer. I have been told by WIND they are investigating and they will tell me to which account the credit was transferred to. I called them back twice and submitted several complaints on their website.
    I have not got Service on my Phone since March 24, and have exhausted all options with WIND Mobile.
    Today, I have filed a complaint with The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS). I would no recommend WIND to anyone, If it was not the new Phone I purchased with them I would give up and move to another service Provider. If I don’t get this issue resolve by next week I will not have any choice to get a new phone and go with another provider. I feel that WIND customer service are very arrogant and am I being robbed.

  87. By MIguele on Apr 16, 2011

    I have dealing with Wind for almost a year now and all I can say is that Customer Service is great! The plan that I have that covers entire Canada is great! I can talk to my mother in Toronto everyday, anytime if I want to for free! Those that have phone-calls dropping, I have only one question to you… is your cell-phone a cheap one? I bought a Nokia 5230 and I get great reception! I am so happy that I don’t have to deal with Bell Mobility anymore; with Wind I just pay and enjoy talking (unlimited day or night), texting (unlimited), no #911 fees, free call display and answering service… and for only $25 bucks a month. Nobody can beat that! I also live in Calgary, just the roaming is that I don’t like, but other companies charge you for roaming too, right? One thing for this fellow that finds Wind Customer Service “Arrogant”, I have NEVER had any problems like this one; if you went to Bell Mobility in Mississauga / Main Office) to ask the reason why they “extended” my contract from 2 years to 3 years “without my concent” and as “calm” as I am I was ignorantly told to “leave the building or they would call Security to escort me out”. Tell me now… do yo still complaint about Customer Service? What was your tone of voice for someone to get “Errogant towards you? By the end of the 3rd year with Bell Mobility, they renewed the contract for 3 more years without my permission and 3 years later they still send me “invoices”, I sent them a nice email with a copy of it to Better Business Bureau and then, only then they stopped bothering me! Knock on wook LOL! Wind all the way!

  88. By Daniel Go on Apr 19, 2011

    “Another great deal for travelers: All calls made from the US are charged at the regular Wind Away Zone rate (25 cents per minute). This is a huge benefit compared to charges from other carriers that can reach $2 per minute when you use your phone in the US.”

    This deal would surely be a great one, since I always travel inside and outside the country. This one seems pretty good. Thank you Miguel for the comment, it helped me decided to have this one too. Customer Service is at top of my list in deciding what mobile company to take. Great info!

    Best regards,
    Shisha guy

  89. By ivan on Apr 22, 2011

    i was wondering if someone can help , if ur not 18 and ur not using the koodo tab can u still buy the phone with out being age 18???


  90. By brad on May 12, 2011

    Rogers has a very bad customer service. They also make a lot of mistakes on your bill and try to get away with it. I can’t imagine how much they are making from robbing people like this. When you talk to them, they sound like they are paying it from their own pocket. Yes they have a good coverage. But rates are not that good. I had bad experiences with rogers. So many people I know did. Even telus is better than rogers. But newcomers wind have better deals. I’m definitely switching to wind.

  91. By Jorge M. Monteiro on May 28, 2011

    you get what you pay for. Wind has unbeatable but medicre coverage and their Internet is slower than a snail under the sun. I know because I’ve been with WIND for almost a year and dumbfounded as to why.

  92. By JILLIE on Jun 11, 2011

    does it have to be a laptop or can it be just a house computer

  93. By Dina on Jun 12, 2011

    Recently I connected with Wind, I think in Toronto, we don’t have good connection in WIFI, all the time I have interruption. Same times , I try to restart the connection, and finally give up. Very later in the night, this works better, if we don’t have rain.

    The price is good, but the customer service I try yet to find out until now. I bought prepaid for 2 months, so I have a chance to change that after.

    I use Skype phone by Internet to do my calls. Now I need a cellular only to receive calls to small price.
    Can every one give me a advice about the best companies. I need simple connectivity , only receptions calls and voices record. (Nothing about data. )

  94. By mojo on Jun 20, 2011

    If you want a company that does the following; then by all means sign with Wind…

    1/ to fix phone/coverage problems…remove and put battery…their #1 fix for everything!

    2/ Cust Serv in Egypt tells you things that corp stores will not do!

    3/ You cannot talk to someone at their head office in On, as their number is hidden!

    4/ You want a company that really does not give a damm about it’s customers!

    These are just a few…I can talk about clearly…then go with Wind!

  95. By sean on Jun 30, 2011

    I switched to wind phone and internet
    starting with internet high speed with unlimited usage. well dailup much more discribe their high speed internet i believe that’s all must say sweet and short about their internet service. total rap off.
    the phone is not much better, the quality of sound and communication is bad, it really sucks.

  96. By Emma on Jul 8, 2011

    I have had the optimus 2 from LG and have already had it replaced (they said it was new but there is a video of an agent showing the features ) and Im starting to get the same results Arrrrrrrgggg WTF!!!!!

  97. By NRahim on Jul 28, 2011

    We subscribed the Wind Mobile Internet stick, costing close to $70 for two months. It does not work. We went to the store and we received no service (Chris was not helpful at all). If the stick ever gets connected, it is very weak. We do not recommend anyone to subscribe the Wind Mobile Internet stick.

  98. By Iryna on Aug 2, 2011

    FRAUDULENT and EVASIVE company!!!
    I’ve been with Wind from day one of their service. At first I was ecstatic. But with time things began to go downhill…fast. First of all terrible reception and coverage even within “home areas”. Coverage is on and off, Customer care seems to be pleasant and willing to help, but doesn’t seem to actually be helpful….not very knowledgeable. Their store staff is very young and not well educated in customer service or sales or the product and plans that Wind offers.
    Their customer care (611) holds no responsibility for their stores. I bought a phone in March that wouldn’t work from day one….after a month of the run around the store manager told me she would not replace it. She didn’t even look at the phone. She said to go to customer care, and customer care said to go to the store. NO other store would consider looking at it because there’s only one “service centre” in Edmonton and the manager there is totally incompetent! But there is no one at wind willing to help.
    None of their stores (at least Edmonton and Calgary ones) have an inbound phone line. You can’t call these people.
    So I have a $450 phone that I had to buy up front and it’s pretty much garbage because Wind refuses to do anything about it.
    Same situation happened with no coverage in U.S. I travelled there on business numerous times and the phone wouldn’t have any receptions…in Chicago and Vegas…. I called Wind and once again they said to go in to the store once I’m back in Edmonton. Not only did that not help me at the time, but once I did come home and went to the store, they said I should have called customer care when I was in the states. EVERY TIME they’d give me the same run around and no result.
    I’ve been given this run around many times and ended up basically throwing out my $450 phone and going to a different provider.

  99. By NATALIA on Aug 16, 2011


  100. By sandra on Aug 22, 2011

    Terrible, terrible customer service when you call in to their call centre. You have to repeat yourself ten times and they still do not understand. The latest account change keep me on the phone for over two and one half hours and still I did not get the simple change made. They are useless, lacking in knowledge and so unhelpful. No one seems to know what they are doing. I wish I never left Telus…had been with them for years and never a problem.

  101. By Melissa on Aug 24, 2011

    I am a wind customer soon to NOT BE A WIND CUSTOMER!!!! I had a problem with the my top up for the 1st time ever and when i called customer service they told me to go back to the store where I bought my top up. THAT THEY DID NOT HAVE ANY RECORD THAT THE TOP I WAS GIVEN EXSISTED???? I was very upset to say the least because why would i go back to the store that is listed on their webpage by that way!! THAT IS GIVING OUT FAKE PIN NUMBERS!! they told me i would have to take it up with the store manager!! I then said I wanted to speak to a MANAGER and they refused me told me they could not help!! I WOULD TELL EVERYONE TO STOP USING WIND!!! I was with virgin and thou they were costly at times. If I ever had a problem of any kind they would resolve the matter to be sure to keep their customer happy!! NOT WIND THEY PRETTY MUCH TOLD ME THAT THEY COULD CARE LESS IF I WENT TO ANOTHER PROVIDER WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THAT??? I wanted to file a report about the store that is why i wanted a manager they told me to go the the store and file my report! GOD I have no phone and no more money to top it up!! WIND FUCKEN SUCKS!!!!

  102. By Alan on Aug 24, 2011

    My office mate has a wind cellphone, whenever I call him on his cell phone the system put me through to his voice mail because he has no signal whatsoever.

    Last time he was sitting in front of me on his desk, I picked my cellphone and called his, guess what: his cellphone did not ring and again the system put me through to his voicemail, the distance between me and his was just two or three meters.

    NO SIGNAL, and this is happening at the University of Calgary, basically downtown Calgary.

    No you should not make a mistake and switch to them, waste of your time and money and we should stick to a north american company with a north american standard any way not a company like windmobile from some middle east blabla.

  103. By Kathy S on Aug 25, 2011

    So far Wind stands head and shoulders ahead of all the other providers as THE WORST CELL PHONE I have ever owned. It is even worse than Telus and thats saying a lot!!!! Do not buy into Wind- I did but will never use it again!!!!

  104. By Elena on Aug 29, 2011

    I’m reading all these issues and I look at my phone, my deal, and sort of shrug because I don’t know what the heck the fuss is about. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but their deal for $29/mo that includes unlimited calls, texting (including international), voicemail and data and the fact that you are not on a contract is great. I got the new LG phone and I’m quite satisfied. My call has never been dropped, I’ve only had one instance where I didn’t have network for about one minute (which happened a few times with me for Fido so I can’t complain) and I honestly don’t ask for that much of my phone. I think part of being a smart consumer is know thyself. What do you expect out of a phone? If you frequently travel, if you prefer talking over texting, if you’re worried about potential network problems, then yes–you might want a more reliable network. If you want a cheap way to get a nice phone, be able to talk and text at a convenient price, and don’t want to be tied down to contracts, give Wind a chance. If Canadians are constant skeptics and don’t consider options outside these ridiculously overpriced companies, then they’ll keep charging us what they do. I’m glad that more interest is going toward these bigger, better deals and maybe these phone companies will wisen up that we don’t want to pay $80 just to get the full use of our phones. I honestly hope Wind gets better in terms of these issues, and that smaller companies do better as well. I understand the frustration people feel when they issues with a company, so I completely understand the people who say to avoid them but… Since I got my phone, I’ve been fine. I’m in Mississauga so it could be my area too.

  105. By rob on Aug 31, 2011

    I had Wind for a year and I suppose I live in a fairly dense older building. Any call more than 2 min long had garbled R2D2 sounds for the person I’m talking to or would go dead for several seconds. Sometimes the call would drop completely. I just switched over to Chatr and so far so good with none of that crap. I don’t care if Rogers is Satan and Wind is God, if Satan provides a proper phone signal and God doesn’t, I’ll gladly go to hell!

  106. By Hasina on Aug 31, 2011

    Please, don’t switch with Wind mobile in Dec 2010 I got a phone call from wind mobile mentioning they have festive plan and I should switch for $25.00 whereas I had 35.00 plan I told the agent I am in the period for port over number and am getting back the $25 a month back he said it won’t effect any of that just the plan so I switch and they stopped putting port over money into may account that was for remaining 4 months I spoke with them and they said no we can’t do anything I still continued with them waiting to get better deal with any other phone company than go busy
    Today I topup my phone entering the amount clicked on topup now but it did not gave me confirmation number so I waited more than 60 second and clicked again thinking it might had not gone through and it charged me twice so I called them and asked them to put back 26.00 back to my visa and they would not saying we can put that money back to your visa I said I don’t need to have 52.00 in my balance 26.00 is good for the month of September 2011 and he would not and kept saying is your mistake even if it is my mistake for example he is not suppose to treat a customer like this just put the extra money back to my account now I am stuck with them for 2 months I am sure there must be some good deal coming up in the market that’s why they must be thinking to hold me like that I would suggest not to ever switch with wind mobile

  107. By Maher on Sep 1, 2011

    While Wind offers some very good plan, their network is very bad and weak. I wouldn’t recommend Wind. Not for voice and not for data.

  108. By David Lawlor on Sep 4, 2011

    Yes,your going to pay to much,we are Canadians.
    That problem aside,Wind takes it to a new level,I went to a mall to change phones and took the Wind customer service reps at their word,I took the ‘pay after plan'(you must pay this before,by the way),I was going to buy a phone,but I was persuaded to take a cheap flip phone because it was free.When you use your Wind phone in your local area,it switches to other networks by its self, that’s when you start paying big time.The reception in small rural cities like Calgary and Toronto,is very poor,and forget about using it in your house.The ‘Free phone’ costs $110.00,no one can contact me if I’m at home.I contacted Wind about the lie and they seem fine with it,you lie,you get more sales.
    Read the fine print! Watch your credit rating(they tell you its pay after,not true)

  109. By Joanne on Sep 10, 2011

    I just want to keep my current plan, but ,,,,

  110. By WINDSUCKS on Sep 12, 2011

    I just bought the new “21MBPS” data stick from Wind today, at a cost of $99.00. I bought this because it was indicated that it was much faster than the old data stick that they were giving away with the $29.00 topup. HOWEVER, It is currently 10:30PM, and I have tested my speed on 4 different sites, and found my download speed to be around to 2 – 5 MBPS speed. Roughly 16 MBPS shy of what they boasted. I am giving it another day or two, and I want to see some sort of indication that my speed is closer to what I paid for!!! So far, the 21 MBPS is a scam, and is not work it in the Mississauga area, at least.

  111. By Hanna on Sep 22, 2011

    Worst Service Ever … have never seen arrogant customer service too. they have a shitty service and try to be agressive with their clients … will move back to another provider …

  112. By Dee on Sep 23, 2011

    I have the wind mobile internet stick that came free if I prepaid for two months of service at 29$/month….. You always get what you pay for- cheap prices = cheap internet service. If I want to watch a – let’s say 5 minute – video on youtube, it takes around 10+ minutes just to load! I would much rather pay a few extra dollars a month for better service. I made the mistake of switching from Rogers to Wind and now I am inconveniently going back to Rogers.

  113. By djsky on Sep 27, 2011

    i would just like to say i ave been with wind for 2 and a hafe months and it is not what they avert at all. i done many tests ont the wind network and the best i have gotten is about 2.75 mbps of download and 0.10 mbps upload(side note i can only get 0.10 mbps upload even when i am under neath a working wind tower!) when i sest my data speed on my phone on my laptop or my phone it slef. the only wish i could have on wind is bettter single every where.

    DJ<3SKY 1291

    ps dont join wind if ur not in the zone end of story see if ur in the zone and no i dont work for wind its juts whats buse for all of u

  114. By Brandi s on Oct 14, 2011

    I would just like to share with everyone my love of wind. I have been with wind for almost two years and rarely have any problems. Actually, when I am in the elevator at work while talking on my phone, others will lose service while I continue talking. I pay 25 bucks a month and get unlimited Canada wide calling and texting WITH call display ( I signed up with the holiday deals.. Once when I first started and last year when I renewed it). My hubby pays 8$ for just call display. I just signed up with the 29$ data and talk plan and am interested to see how that goes.

    I use to have both koodo and telus and always felt ripped off al the end of the month. Always paying extra fees and long distance making my 25$ plans come out to AT LEAST 40$ plus tax. With wind I have yet to pay over 30 including taxes and I get MUCH more.

    I am a very happy customer and intend to stick with them. Good job wind!

  115. By Moe on Oct 17, 2011

    Wind is going down, I switched to them last week, then decided to add 100$ in advance, I did that through online banking, I checked my account after couple days to find they added only 95.45$, I called them and they said its taxes, although I didn’t get my first bill yet, and taxes should show up as taxes, I called a gain and this time they said the bank sent 95.45$ only, I called my bank (scotiabank) and they said we sent 100$, I asked the bank to investigate and deal with Wind, I should get a reply from the bank tomorrow, good thing I didn’t do a preauthorized payments. I hate dishonesty and I don’t care about what deal they got anymore, I’m done with them.

  116. By STY on Oct 23, 2011

    I can tell “Moe” above was never with Rogers. Their statements/bills are mind-boggling. And you must be in Alberta if you only paid $4.55 in tax for the service. Anyways, Wind service has been fantastic for me. The Wind Home area in GTA is huge. No longer hit with “surprise” bills as I was with Robelus.

  117. By sam on Oct 24, 2011



  118. By andrevid on Oct 25, 2011

    Thanks for all your comments. I am glad I found this site. Over the past six weeks I have gone through a sort of nightmare as a result of my decision to switch from Rogers to Wind. I was so frustrated with the billing mistakes consistently made by Rogers (of course always in its own favor) that when I learned about Wind I felt it was my chance to be freed from captivity. How far I was from reality!

    First, Wind gave me a phone that came in an open, unsealed Wind box and that began to behave disfunctionally on the second day after the purchase. Finally, after several visits and long waits, they decided to change my phone for another that equally came in an open, unsealed box. To my great disappointment, within 40 minutes of usage, the second phone showed the same signs of disfunctionality. I wanted to close the account, but they refused to take the phone back. They made me speak to someone on the phone who was unable to solve the problem either. They wanted me to use the guarantee on a phone that I had just recently purchased. Now I am stuck with a defective phone and very poor service.

  119. By John on Oct 29, 2011

    Wind mobile roaming charges complaint !

    I have been charged hundreds of dollars for roaming in my “Home” zone, only to be told it is MY responsibility to CONSTANTLY monitor my zone status, before and during calls and data usage.
    Wind looks on the surface to be a good deal, but it is not. There is apparantly two different companies yo have an agreement with, one for the phone, one for the service.They will say that each other is responsible, therefore issues do not get resolved. If you call the customer care, they say go into the store, when you go to the store, they will only call the customer care line for you.

  120. By John on Oct 29, 2011

    Wind also requests your credit card info to restore a cut off service, without even providing what for or how much you will be charged. I waited 17 hours to get my phone reactivated.

  121. By Joel M on Nov 1, 2011

    Looks like a lot of data in this article is out of date. Wind now offers unlimited local calling, text and data for $29 a month instead of the $80 the article mentions. The local calling areas are pretty massive, much bigger than Bell or Rogers. Maps are here:

    I was lucky enough to get the unstoppable 45 plan when it was around, unlimited everything including Canada wide Long Distance for $45 a month. I chose to pre-pay so I wouldn’t get into any problems with voice or data usage in an Away Zone – its impossible to go over what you have on your account.

    Maybe I’m spoiled because I live in Downtown Toronto but reception has never been an issue for me. I’ve been with Wind since Oct. 2010 and actually got rid of my home phone as of June 2011, haven’t missed it at all.

  122. By RG Edmonton on Nov 13, 2011

    Lucky enough to get the unstoppable 45 plan when it was around, unlimited everything including Canada wide Long Distance for $45 a month. I also chose to pre-pay so I wouldn’t get into any problems with voice or data usage in an Away Zone – its impossible to go over what you have on your account.
    But what if you want to “cancel” the service.There is no protocol for that,Many “activate” online buttons but no “cancel” buttons online.Several e mails “to continue the conversation” end up no where,lots of 611 calls end up using well over 200 minutes just waiting for an answer.If you simply stop paying on a “pay as you go plan” do they “cancell” you “no contract” account? NO They “suspend” the account for non paymentt and it affects your credit rating.They are as bad as any Canadian provider of cell service.Just as crooked!!!!!!

  123. By rind on Nov 18, 2011

    wind is saviour from blood suckers. i am with wind from beginning and they are geting better day by day.

  124. By S P on Dec 16, 2011

    NO DONT Join Wind mobile. The coverage is horrible and the service just as bad!

  125. By Estilo on Dec 20, 2011

    I have had no problems with Wind since joining them back in August 2011.
    I will never try another company in Canada (sorry but Canadian Mobile plans are GARBAGE!)
    Wind is the only thing remotely close to what I had in the US when I lived there. $45 a month with everything unlimited…best part is that I don’t have to worry about some phantom overcharged crap…
    This feels like a replay all over again “Sprint/Verizon vs AT&T”
    Wind is great 🙂

  126. By MobileAdvisor on Dec 22, 2011

    Considering that Wind is a relativley new Company, and has much to learn about how Canadian Mobile industry works here. True in other countires and other parts of the world we see cheaper plans, chepaer phnes, and so on.
    Understand that Canada is HUGE country with one of the SMALLEST amount of population, taking that into consideration, we see the Big 3 charge a ton of money for their service, and we as consumers have to understand that building such a large network costs money, which translates to higher costs for canadian mobile users. Thinking that Wind is different and is offering something that the Big 3 can’t is ignorant of the facts, they have a fraction of the network coverage that Canadian mobile leaders have, hence they can charge less for those services, every NEW company has excellent customer service to bring in new consumers, at which point all it takes is one disgruntled customer service rep to create a bad experience for you, hence when you deal with Bell, Rogers and Telus, people complain about customer service, with literally thousands upon thousands of Customer Service reps, you will eventually get one on the phone that gives you a horrible experience, which tarnishes the name of the Company as well as your views on the company itself, in turn you will tell people blah blah blah Telus is horrible, bell is shit…blah blah blah. Without ever understanding the logistics behind business. For anyone who thinks that by the time Wind becomes a major player in this market, they will STILL be as idealistic as they are now, is kidding themselves. It is a business, and like all businesses when they become karge enough they lose touch with the consumer and concentrate on profits. I have been with Wind, I have been with Rogers, I have been with Telus and Clearnet, as well as Bell.. They are ALL shit, atleast our CANADIAN companies have the network coverage so I dont lose calls. I travel so Wind is useless to me. If a consumer never leave their respective Zoned area, then Wind Mobile would be a viable option to consider, aside from that, Koodo, Virgin, and Fido have competitive rates, and are backed by the parents great Coverage areas.

  127. By UNKNOWN on Jan 24, 2012

    Im thinking of switching to wind mobile as soon as i can but i have heard a couple of bad things that people have been telling me about wind but i dont belive them i just want to get away from rogers as they have been screwing with my phone and account and have been lieing to me as well when i called them. But i was just woundering if anyone know if you can have more then one add-on to the prepaid phone at wind mobile say if i got a blackberry i would get the PYW social blackberry add on and i was also thinking of getting the pay your way unlimited text (CA/USA) add on but im not sure if they would allow that or not and just woundering does all the wind mobile phones come with voicemail or do you have to pay for that too

  128. By Lala on Jan 26, 2012

    I just got my second phone bill from them for $320 it was all AWAY charges and they suspended my phone. When I looked at the map all my usage was within their windzone. I called and they werent very helpful. They didnt unsuspend my phone.

  129. By Amal on Feb 1, 2012

    from my expirnace from wind phone , it is the wrost company ever , I know they will not post my riview , they have very bad customer service, and bad reciption in Orleans area, Ottawa the area where i live , when i went to the store they told me the reciption is very good ,they lied just to sell me the phone , they dont care about thier costumer at all , i spoke to the manegere he told sorry i cant return the phone for you , ashame on company like this

  130. By Natasha on Feb 23, 2012

    DO NOT SWITCH TO WIND!!!!!!!WIND MOBILE has the worst ethics of all these telecommunications companies out there. Can’t believe what we have been through with my15 year old brother. The end result is misinformation on WIND’s part from the onset of a 10-day experience and a $1,249.31 buy out!!! yes, do not whatever you do get into a contract with WIND… I challenge all my friends to just call customer service to see what happens. Even a Stakeholder can’t get to the top to speak to someone. This is criminal…

  131. By Ali on Feb 25, 2012

    Don’t switch to wind or mobilicity. I’ve tried both and the service was very bad in Scarborough. Data speeds were so slow and dropped calls were the norm. Stick with the big guys and save yourself the headache.

  132. By Sheck on Apr 5, 2012

    I would recommend against switching to Wind. Their products are faulty and warranty service is nearly zero. Their customer service is the worst in the country ! That’s right, they are even worse than Telus and Rogers.

    In the end, it’s true, you do get what you paid for.

  133. By THAYA on Apr 11, 2012

    I can’t get wind reception in wind away zone Arp 9 and arp 10 i use a wind phone a wind a way i can’t make a phone call from roaming area .i love my wind???????????????????????

  134. By rob on Apr 15, 2012

    for everyone that he doesn’t know this company, you’re not missing anything, there is nothing to know, it’s sucks. it’s a bunch of unprofessional people with a weak network signals everywhere in Toronto. i became a wind client and it was a bad move because whenever i call people to discuss some charges that i don’t recognize no one is willing to help, just they don’t care .. plus of that the way how wind are making money not very honest, they promised a discount of 5 dollars for an account that includes 2 lines, if you don’t call them and spend hours and hours with incompetent people to try to explain them what do want they won’t assign this discount to your account. even if they recognize that the discount will be assigned after the third month which is not what was promised when the i signed up .. long story short .. it’s sucks……

  135. By rj on May 24, 2012

    Wind cheats on your face. Had a very bad experience with them latetly

  136. By gracie on Jun 13, 2012

    I’ve been with Wind for about 3 years now and in the past month I have had dropped calls, missed messages and have not been able to make calls using my Wind phone. My reception cuts in and out and goes from Wind Home to Wind Away (roaming) to No Service all while I’m on the main floor in my house (which, according to coverage maps on is in a Home Zone)

    I’ll admit their plans are amazing, I’m on the Holiday Miracle plan which basically gives me unlimited EVERYTHING, including data but what good is that to me when I have no reception service?

    I’ve been battling with their customer service and tech support teams for the past 2 weeks (who by the way are rude and incompetent individuals who show no concern or sense of urgency to help their clients) and as of yet no one is able to give me a straight answer as to why this is happening. All I’ve been told is that my case has been escalated and someone will be in touch with me, really? How’s anyone supposed to get a hold of me when my reception is hit & miss?

    Sorry to make this long people but trust me, if you’re thinking of leaving one of the big 3 for wind DONT’T!! It’s a decision that you will definitely regret.

  137. By xavier on Jun 14, 2012

    Omg they fahking ripped me off to they want me to pay a months balance for a service I only used for a month plus a month in advance then I have to pay for roaming charges for when I didn’t even roam. And when i went the store the people couldn’t speak English and they only told me Canada wide calling so the fahking lied to me that fraud and i will take this to the news and take them to court if i must so should you too take my advice

  138. By Chatr customer on Aug 12, 2012

    Chatr wireless very very low , they live in 18th century.. I complained 100 times that their “manage Payments” or “account top ups” does not work at all. and I tried WXP , IE8, FIREFOX with lowest securities or Windows 7 but chatr wireless NEVER NEVER let you go to a “ACCOUNT TOP UPS” OR “ACCOUNT TOP UPS”you only get this website cannot be connected or address is wrong.. Their answer is it is OK here. We can set you up. They said they DO NOT HAVE A TECH SUPPORT OR WEB SUPPORT, AND if any “WE ARE THE ONES!!” Other words there are no places a customer can be connected , just a rep who don’t even understand your problem. I STOPPED chatr and left {donated} my balance up thier pockets.Complained many times on CONTACT US form on web BUT they say we are OK here no action required..

  139. By Delos on Sep 24, 2012

    Being with wind for over two years now. on the irrestible 35. costing me 35dollars per month for unlimited everything!

    If you had not had occasions to pay your monthly bills through your nose,like i did with the big 3. where my phone will was more expensive than my montly bills of $650 several times and had to negoitate several times to be dropped to the mid 300s, on a phone where i used only 25minutes day time,I blocked my data and abosultely cut off my use of the phone. yet got $650..If you’ve never being through dat hell hole, you would never appreciate the cheap rates wind provides. My calls have almost never dropped..if it ever did,I don’t care..I can always call them freaking back.. I was a full time student working part time.wat I couldn’t tolerate was spending my hard, very hard earned money feeding the giant monster my phone bill turned out to be!

    Switching to wind has been one of the smartest money saving, financial decisions I made, rather stick to my irrestible peace of mind forever!

  140. By Dom on Sep 25, 2012

    Do not purchase anything from WIND. If you are already stuck with WIND switch settings ON YOUR PHONE ITSELF to not allow it to find “WIND away”. If you have a monthly plan (you get a bill in the mail – not pay up front), “WIND away” zone will only cost all the money you and your family and friends ever have or will have per second. Otherwise the “away” network is not something you are paying to use, even though that’s what they sell you when you go with the pay up front plans. Also, WIND buys service from ROGERS! They do NOT have one single “WIND” tower in North-America. I have proven this many times in the Hamilton/ StoneyCreek area, whenever Rogers does anything to their towers WIND service is nearly non-existent until the Rogers repairs or “up-grades” are completed. Also the coverage areas on their maps are COMPLETELY false. There is Absolutely no coverage of any kind (emergency included) anywhere between Toronto and Edmonton, I drove there and my WIND phone went dead at the 400 north and could not use it in any way until just outside Edmonton. Pretty bad situation if someone thinks they at least have a phone for emergencies. P.S.: If you have a wind phone you think is AWESOME and you’re into prank calls and the consequences don’t bother you, try making an “emergency” call when your phone says “Emergency Only” P.P.S: Make sure your record the “conversation” audio and video. (shouldn’t be a very large amount of info 😉

  141. By Dom on Sep 25, 2012

    Forgot to note that if you do go with WIND pay up front package never-EVER put 1 cent more than you have to per month. They will find something to make you pay exactly the amount you have in your “account”, examples:

    *voice-mail is now 8$ a month, if you have 8 extra bucks on the last couple days of the month they might decide you want that service because that amount of money is available for them to charge you

    *all-of-a-sudden, without notice, you ARE able to use the “away” network. Until every last cent in your ‘account’ is spent (usually half to one full second of R2D2 talk time per 10 dollars) or better yet they might decide, you now pay at the end of the month on a plan. That bill will make anything Rogers has done to people seem like a charitable donation.

  142. By Marie of Vancouver on Oct 16, 2012

    Been with Fido for over a decade. Never had a problem with the network. I love the Fido dollars too. But their phones (stock) sucks. I want the new Samsung phones and Fido doesnt carry them, Wind on te other had have great phones and the plans are very tempting.

    Rogers are NOT very good with their clients unless you pay over $100 per line per month… and have been with them for a long time. I know a lot of people who are not happy with Rogers (people who are not spending $100 on their phone monthly). So Rogers is not an option for me. (Esp Telus and bell… They are worse.)

    What should I do?

  143. By xawa on Nov 7, 2012

    Customer service and tech support are RUDE, INSULTING, they hang up all the time and never call back. They are dismissive, incompetent morons who have no idea what they are doing. All intentional, to cover the garbage they call windmobil, all done with blessing of the greedy imports who have no respect for anyone or anything. The used car sales people of wireless. Can’t even begin to tell you how BAD they are. WORST VERE IN THE PAST 40 YEARS.

  144. By Jorge on Nov 10, 2012

    Great rates however; customer service centres located in the Phillipines and Egypt makes for one having to make many calls to have technical issues resolved and they are many and frequent. Imagine having to make 18 calls regarding a technical issue which doesn’t get resolved all due to unwillingness on the part of customer service agents to assist customers. Be wary, WIND SUCKS.COM

  145. By steve on Nov 14, 2012

    Wind mobile is competing with the big names in Canada, and is getting alot of bad reviews from the competition, but as a wind user in Vancouver I can say if your looking for a smart phone plus you want unlimited data and canada/USA calling for only $40 box a month, switch to wind now.

    $40 a month.

  146. By Antoine on Nov 23, 2012

    I got a defective phone and it has been 2 months of chasing after them to try to get it fixed/replaced.
    – One place in Calgary to bring defective phones….WOW
    – Phone has been sent away several times, they keep performing factory resets and updating firmware. Wash rinse repeat, phone is still defective and I keep returning it.

    I have spent more time going down to the shop then I have sleeping in the last 2 months.

    Price is attractive, but if you get a buggy phone you’re in for PAIN

  147. By Chris James on Jul 6, 2013

    I bought a BlackBerry Z10, and paid for a unlock code. I later moved to Toronto, Ontario where they have horrible cellular reception. I wanted to cancel and get my unlock code, I was told to cancel my account and I would receive my unlock code. After doing so I was told that after cancellation of service now prevents me from getting my unlock code. CRTC says Wind Mobile reserves the right to impose conditions on unlocking services.
    I SPENT $1000 on services and a device and now left with nothing

  148. By rob on Sep 5, 2013

    I would say give wind a chance I did
    and have been with them since January 2010 and I couldn’t be happier.

    I have had pay as you go cell since they first came out .I started with rogers in the mid 90’s switched over to fido . The one thing that bothered me back in the very early days was that people who for whatever reason chose to go prepay we were billed at higher rate then those who chose to pay monthly. I never quite understood why if you buy a bus pass you pay a flat fee for a month . so why I was I at times paying 200 a month. I went to telus , then virgin when my telus phone died and I couldn’t find a reasonable priced phone to replace it with.
    virgin had some affordable phones and really great deals like 40 for unlimited nights and weekends plus 100 day time mins for forty buck with other addons you could get free incoming calls added on and 200 extra daytime mins then back to telus untill I ended up at wind. wind was the first company to offer completely unlimited monthy rate plans for prepaid cell service. I always looked around for the best deal I could find . but as some you know winds slogan was welcome to the conversation so I was talking to a sales rep and told him I had always been prepaid cause it just made more sense to me. now during that conversation I told him I thought rogers bell and telus would of been smarter just match winds rate plans ,then to bring court action after court action in an attempt to stop wind from starting up in Canada, because lets face it who really want’s to change service providers if they don’t have to? well so I bought my first wind phone and let just say I kept my telus phone going for awhile because my little apartment was not really a good place to get wind reception. anyway I moved out to Vancouver a few months later and found that wind seemed to work much better out here. I had long since said good buy to telus due to them calling me and trying to hook me into a contract. well then mobilicity came on the cellular scene and offered this 40 dollar christmas deal so I went to my local wind store and got the shock of my life wind was offering the same deal .so when it came time to pay my prepaid plan I switched over to the christmas plan with wind my monthly amount went from 80 plus tax to 40 . So I am grateful that mobilicity came along and that I am sorry to see them go. I hope mobilicity customers will come over to wind and strengthen wind place in Canada’s Cellular market place.

  149. By Jerry on Feb 18, 2015

    I have been on wind for about a year in Vancouver but travel occasionally to other province for work reasons.
    Calls keep dropping in Vancouver and Calgary even in downtown.There is no coverage in Montreal.I would recommend others to hold back if you plan to go onto wind until better Quality of Service(QOS) is provided.

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