Wind Mobile Infinite Laptop To Mobilicity Unlimited Internet Data Stick Plan

September 25th, 2010 Posted in Reviews|Interviews

Wind Mobile Infinite Laptop To Mobilicity Unlimited Internet Data Stick PlanWind Mobile Review

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Mobilicity Review

Mobilicity Unlimited Internet Data Plan

Recently, I switched from Wind Mobile hi-speed mobile Internet service (called Infinite Laptop) to Mobilicity unlimited data stick plan. Today, I am going to share my insight on this switch as it will provide valuable information for some of you.

Why the Move?

I switched mainly for these reasons:
– Wind Mobile Infinite Laptop costs $55 per month, while Mobilicity Unlimited data stick plan costs $40 a month. With Mobilicity, after taxes, the savings comes close to $20 per month – which is hard to ignore.
– Wind Mobile’s network is very unreliable. I was never able to continuously connect to the Internet for very long. It always logged me out and I had to reconnect each time.  On a typical day, there were instances when I had to reconnect  30-40 times. It’s hard to forget those frustrated moments.
– I called their customer support many times and they were unable to resolve disconnecting issues.

Do I Need To Buy A New Mobilicity Data Stick?

No, you can still use Wind Huawei E181 Data Stick on Mobilicity’s data stick plan. You only need to change some settings. I will tell you what to change at the end of this post.

Do You Have Any Complaints About Mobility Mobile Hi-Speed?

None so far. Since I switched from Wind Mobile, I am no longer getting disconnected every few minutes. However, Wind Mobile has better speed than Mobilicity. Read more on this here: Mobilicity Review

Do I Need To Unlock My Wind Huawei E181 Data Stick?

Yes, Huawei data stick has to be unlocked before using on Mobilicity’s network. There is a certain time restriction Wind Mobile has in place before unlocking the Huawei data stick. Once you pass their restricted period (I believe 3 months, but call Wind Mobile to find out), Wind Mobile will give you the unlocking code – they gave me mine without any hesitation.

What Settings Do I Need To Change On the Huawei E181 Data Stick To Work On Mobllicity?

Here we go:
1. Open Huawei Connect Manager on your desktop.
2. Click on Tools
3. Go to Options
4. Go to Profile Management
5. Click on New to create a new profile
6. Profile name Mobilicity (or anything you want)
7. Underneath Profile box, there is an APN box. Check off Static and put in the box underneath Static.
8. Now click on Advanced tab and check off CHAP and PAP under Authentication Protocol Settings. Click OK.
9. Now save settings on Profile Management.
That should be it. You should be able to connect to Mobilicity network now.

What If I Am Still Not Able To Connect?

I suggest you visit a Mobilicity store. Mine did not work at first either, but a friendly rep at Mobilicity’s 3092 Danforth Ave. store succeeded with the above settings after trying for about 40 minutes.

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  1. 10 Responses to “Wind Mobile Infinite Laptop To Mobilicity Unlimited Internet Data Stick Plan”

  2. By sara on Jan 20, 2011

    can i do the other way around use mobilicity stick with wind mobile data?

  3. By Jenna on Mar 3, 2011

    Thanks for your report on the Wind Data stick. I am experiencing the exact same problems you described. I have called their tech support many many times and they all help me through resetting the network and it works for a while but then back to slow speeds an intermittent service. They keep telling me that I’m in an excellent service area but don’t know why I’m having such bad service and to call again later if it still acts up. I have been thinking about switching to Teksavvy which I’ve heard a lot about but will check out Mobilicity after reading your blog. Thanks again. I feel more informed and less alone 🙂

  4. By Daniel Go on Apr 19, 2011

    @Jenna, actually the service when they say works best in your area, doesn’t mean it really works actually ‘best’. wind data stick is still a wireless connection and it’s naturally slow, aside if it’s wireless optics.

    That’s it! I suggest, go for an ethernet conenction for faster service, and non-intermittent connection.

    Shisha guy

  5. By Aluchi on Jul 29, 2011

    Hi to all here,
    I switched to Wind a month ago and I have experienced nothing but trouble during this time until now. Here is why.
    1- I ported my Bell land line number to a cell one. I was issued a long distance number that was in New Market, and I live in Toronto. So any one would call me he would get charged. I had to live with that number for a week since it took all this long to switch land number to cell number. Moreover, I was not told it was a long distance at the store.
    2- I ported my Fido number to Wind. I started as “pay before” account and I payed for a Huwaei U8100 which I didnt like so I took it next day to return. I wanted to get the Nokia C7 instead with a tab. But I was told I had to be on “Pay after” and in such case I would lose my Fido ported number because in order to use the tab a customer has to be on a “pay after”. So I lost my 8 years old Fido number and I tried the new Nokia C7 for two days and I didn’t like it because it heated up in my ear every time I used for less than 5 minutes or a little over. I went to the store and the phone had in its log 26.5 minutes of total call duration time. The rep at the store called the call centre and they told the rep. I had 31 minutes on the phone which exceeded the 30 minutes of Wind exchange policy. I told them I trust my Nokia log and I don’t know why it showed 4.5 minutes difference. Anyways, I am stuck with this phone that heats in my ear and there are a lot of other people who owns it complain about the same issue, just google it. Wind customer service is a disaster since they don’t even trust their customer.
    3- I have Wind data stick and it was fine in the first few days but later on I couldnt log in and it generated a message that said “You cant connect before register an available network” I called many times and everytime the call is diverted to Egypt and I get disconnected during the call with the call centre, and I had to call again. I was asked to remove the stick, take off the SIM card, and put it back in. Also, I was told to remove the Wind program from “Unistall program” in Control panel. I did this few times from yesterday until now. Lately, I was told that they experienced a problem in my area and apologised. My experience is bad both with the stick and the attitude of their customer service. Gladly,I figured out the problem myself from fiddling with some options in Control panel. Now at the time I am writing this, the speed is fine but it is unpredictable and unreliable.

    In conclusion, I regret leaving Fido because I never had problem with their customer service all those years. Also, I ended up with a poorly designed phone, that I think is a health hazard to put in my ear while heating up. Bottom line is I am thinking to go back to Fido and pay off the nearly $300 tab balance to Wind and end of the misery.
    Thanks and sorry for the super long post

  6. By MANISHA on Dec 7, 2011

    Wind mobile internet is very very slow. the hardware costs 29$ and it demands to prvide a speed of 7.2mbps. but its cheating. you will never get a speed more than 100 kbps. even less than that. I want to get rid off this and want to tell others also so that anybody else don’t get cheated.

  7. By Wind Disappointmenting on Jan 5, 2012

    Noticed this problem for last 2 months, looks like others since September. Live downtown and get 0.06 upload, central Mississauga 0.06, and now get this 0.06 in west missississauga -three different cell sites at least 10 plus miles apart and all get 0.06.

    The real eye opener is the west mississauga location was a Wind repair warranty location….both my hotspot, their hotspot and their Wind data sticks upload at 0.06

    This is a corporate store and warranty centre and they are getting speeds of 25% of throttled speeds…that’s bad news.

    This begs the question on whats up with Wind and the towers-why would a corporate store log no better than 0.06 upload-has someone forgot to pay a bill somewhere, turn on a switch or otherwise?

  8. By Zygmund Z on Apr 9, 2012

    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, it’s April 9, 2012 and I bought a Wind Mobile Internet service. My experience so far is crap, here are my unsatisfing results in point form.
    – signal is 51% (Hamilton), the mobile stick is right up to the window
    – after 10 gb limit, it slows down below 1 Mbps
    – the rep in the store said the speed would be 14 Mbps and would fall to 7 Mbps, the speed I recieved was 2 Mbps and fell to 512 Kbps

    I think this Internet service should be eliminated or cost 9.95 a month for unlimited data @ 2 Mbps speed and 5.95 a month for unlimited data @ 512 Kbps speed.

    Remember they are not paddling a cruise ship with this Internet.

  9. By Bartman on Apr 16, 2012

    I purchased the black internet stick from Wind last Feb 15, 2012. I chose the $35/mo “unlimited” internet plan. The 1st month’s (Feb 15 to Mar 15) service was very good. My mom usually watches korean drama from averaging 2-3 hrs/day. When I topped up the prepaid plan on March 15, after 7 days (March 22), the service drastically slowed down. You can only use FB, read emails and Google search but can’t stream youtube and drama videos since the service was too slow. I called Wind’s customer service to complain and they said that the service refreshes every 1st day of the month and not on the date when you top up. I was not previously informed about this matter by Wind and only now when I started complaining that they explained to me this matter. It is now April 16, just topped up and it is slow again…I did not receive any text message/s warning me that I had exceeded the 10GB allotted however, upon talking to their tech support, the guy saw in their system that I already consumed 15GB since April 1st. I can’t understand how I at least was able to enjoy the 1st month service without experiencing any slow down when in fact, I was still streaming (not downloading)said videos 2-3 hrs a day till now. Sigh, unfortunately, I can’t find a substitute data stick provider which can give me a better internet service…Any recommendations? Mobilicity, etc…

  10. By Raj on Aug 10, 2012

    Go try to use 20 GB+ with Mobilicity and they just terminate you as a customer! Lol, look it up..My brother had Virgin Hspa+ internet stick and it was really fast but cost us $300 a month in overages!! So Wind is abit more fair at $35 for 10 GB but don’t expect to download at 14mbps, that the “link” speed not the internet speed. Their network can support 2-5 mpbs if your lucky and depending on where you are in relation to the cell tower. If you are downtown Toronto, you could achieve 5mpbs. I use my phone to tether and the fastest I seen is 1.14 down and 0.06 up. My brother gets 2 if hes lucky. Rogers/Bell/Telus will always have faster internet but will charge you way more because they invest in the technology and got LTE (thanks to Industry Canada for protecting big Telco).

  11. By Ron on Dec 21, 2012

    Unlimited data is worthless. Even if you pay the extra $20 for premium data, it’s unlikely you will achieve good speeds Going back to Fido with their $56 plan including Unlimited Talk 2GB data & features. At least you will be able to use data at LTE speeds

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