ADJ Reaches Top Page OF Google For Its Targeted Keywords

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ADJ Reaches Google First Page

Readers Are The Lifeblood of ADJ
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I am excited to let you know that ADJ has reached Google’s top page for its targeted keywords: “Canada” and “ personal finance.” This is no accident. Programmers custom designed and constructed ADJ, keeping top to bottom search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Also, Kevin is constantly adding new tweaks, codes, and coming up with innovative ideas to make this site even better (Kevin is the one who looks after all my sites). However, readers are the one to credit most for this accomplishment.

Readers are the lifeblood of this blog and the only reason its popularity is going up gradually: they are finding value in its content. Providing VALUE to my readers has been my number one goal since the beginning of this blog. You can hire all the best programmers on Earth to make your blog super search engine optimized, and you may be able to fool search engines for a short while. However, if there is no value to it readers will stop visiting eventually and search engines will throw out your site once it realizes your tricks.

You may ask, “How do you know you are providing value to your readers?” This is something you can sense. If you are honest to yourself and believe that you are giving readers something of value and importance, the sense will come to you intrinsically. You don’t need anyone to point it out.

Furthermore, it will be like a bonus if you get your readers’ comments, emails, etc. stating how grateful they are for such great posts and how these posts are changing their lives—helping them to learn and achieve more. I will end today by posting such an email (one of many emails) I recently received from a reader:

I can’t thank you enough for this website — already , it’s given me valuable hints (I love the mortgage calculator you posted as a link, the 30 free tools, the 10 tips on surviving 2008) and has confirmed much of the basic investor knowledge I have. Still, I’m young, newish to the job market, and have recently bought a house with a high-ratio mortgage, and I’m craving financial guidance so that I make prudent financial decisions.
I’m off to buy your book, please keep up the great work!

An ADJ Reader

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