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April 12th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized|Off Topic

ADJ Reader Appreciation PostA special post for special readers

Thanks everyone for making ADJ a success. As you know, unlike other personal finance websites, ADJ does not concentrate only on one niche. You will not find the same boring stuff such as repetitive discussions on stocks, similar posts giving you a summary of other financial sites, etc. on ADJ. Instead, you will find a variety of topics from a wide array of subjects. My objective is to give you:

– A pleasant reading experience about the many facets of life
– Empower you with knowledge to make better investing, money saving, and entrepreneurship decisions
– Provide you with information to help you live a better, fulfilling life
– Surprise you with posts going beyond your expectations

Many of my friends, who are professional bloggers or Internet entrepreneurs, warned me not to mix content. They asked me to stick to one topic consistently; otherwise, there is a greater possibility that this site will be a failure—but I did not listen to them. I wanted to follow my heart and give my readers a unique experience unlike anything they have experienced before by mixing content but still keeping a little more focus on the personal finance side.

Guess what happened next?! Did my readers abandon ADJ? Did traffic take a deep dive? Wrong! ADJ readers proved all predictions made by my friends wrong and took it to the next level. Traffic kept going up and up and up.

I am writing this post today to thank all ADJ readers for making this site a success and sticking to it throughout the good and bad times. Your support is much appreciated and without you A Dawn Journal would not be here today. Thank you all for reading ADJ and building a long-lasting relationship.


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