Canada Has World’s Largest Solar Farm – What’s Happening: October 4, 2010 Edition

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Today’s What’s Happening

Canada Has World’s Largest Solar Farm – Sarnia, a small town in south-western Ontario, Canada opens 950 acres world’s largest solar farm. This facility has 1.3 million panels to generate 80 megawatts power – enough for 12,000 homes.

Toshiba Launches No-Glasses 3D – Toshiba claims that it has created first 3D television sets that can display real time 3D  effects without having to wear any glasses. These pricey 12in and 20in models would cost $1,200 and $2,400 and will be available only in Japan for now.

Canadian Drivers Are Distracted – A survey conducted by Allstate insurance company shows that 75% Canadians are distracted while driving. Fixing hair or fixing makeup caused the least distraction.

What’s Happening – A Test Project

Whenever I come across interesting news, events, stories, etc., I will be sharing them with my readers in mini blog posts.  This is a test project. Based on readers’ responses, I will decide to continue or discontinue later on. No links will be provided; if you would like to find out more on these events, please search on Google.

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