Canada – The Fifth Happiest Country in The World, Euro Zone Unemployment Reaches 15 Years High, and Canada Unemployment Rate Drops

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What’s Happening – Weekend Edition: Sunday, April 8, 2012

Euro Zone Unemployment Reaches 15 Years High – Unemployment hits 10.8 percent in the 17 euro zone countries in February. Unemployment rate was 10.7 percent in January. Current unemployment rate makes 17 million people out of work.

Canada – The Fifth Happiest Country in The World – World Happiness Report, published by the Earth Institute and commissioned for the United Nations Conference on Happiness, finds that Canada is the fifth happiest country on Earth. Here are the top ten happiest countries in the world:

New Zealand

Canada Unemployment Rate DropsCanada‘s healthy economy added 82300 jobs in March. This is the most job gains in three years since September, 2008. Canada‘s unemployment rate stands now at 7.2 percent (from 7.4 percent).

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