January 2009 Monthly Highlights

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January 2009 Monthly Highlights

Monthly Highlights Posts Are Back
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I am not sure how it happened. Somehow, I have stopped doing monthly highlights for a while. Now that it is the beginning of a new year, I will be able to post it regularly. Highlights posts seem to be very popular. Readers love it, and Google loves it too. The following are a few of the January highlights from ADJ and CPFW.

A Dawn Journal

What Is Netvibes
The social tool to arrange and view all web sites on one page. Check this out.

New Rules Of Retirement – Free Giveaway
Don’t forget to enter this free giveaway contest.

ADJ Reaches Top Page OF Google For Its Targeted Keywords
Since I wrote this post, ADJ actually has gone up further to become number one result on Google for these keyword searches Canada personal finance.

Shape Up Your Finance – Unlimited Magazine Interviews Your Author A. Dawn
Canadian business magazine interviews your author A. Dawn.

10 Tips to Save Money at Restaurants
Don’t go to a restaurant before reading this post.

Save this page for future use. Lists lots of important dates.

Canada Cut Interest Rate To Historic low 1 Per Cent
Seems to be our lowest interest rate in history.

Bankrupt Nortel, Mutual Funds, and Invest Now
Nortel declared bankruptcy. What it means in terms of holding stocks or mutual funds.

Ten Tips To Stay Debt Free
Stay out of debt. Follow these tips.

2009 Federal Budget Highlights
A few important highlights from 2009 Canada Federal Budget

Canada Personal Finance Website

Canadian Banking – World’s Soundest Banking System
If you bank in Canada, you are dealing with World’s soundest banking system.

How Credit Cards Work
Find out how credit cards actually work.

Important Tax Dates For 2009
Dates you need to know for 2009 tax year.

Canadian Student Loans
Students in Canada can apply for government loans.

Canadian Tax Issues
How tax system works in Canada.

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