June 2008 Monthly Highlights

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It is the time again to give you a brief overview of my June posts. June was a very important month for A Dawn Journal readers. High profile bloggers such as Darren Rowse, Steve Pavlina, J. D. Roth shared their thoughts with ADJ readers. Let’s look at these posts –

What You Need To Become A Successful Blogger?

This is the last in a four-part series. I asked some celebrity bloggers (including Darren Rowse and Steve Pavlina) to answer the following question: What You Need to Become a Successful Blogger? This post presents the perspectives these bloggers provided for A Dawn Journal readers.

Invest Now At The Toronto Small Press Book Fair

The Toronto Small Press Book Fair took place at the Miles Nadal JCC at the corner of Bloor and Spadina, in the gymnasium, from noon to 5 p.m on June 7. I participated in this event, and here is a video clip and a picture for your viewing pleasure.

Scotiabank Offers Bank The Rest Savings Program

Scotiabank recently launched a unique savings program called Bank The Rest Savings Program. Scotiabank customers will be able to automatically save each time a purchase is made. Find out how in this post.

The Internet Habits of Personal Finance Bloggers – Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly’s author J. D. shares his Internet habits for A D Journal readers.

iPhone, Canada and Third World Countries

When it comes to cell phone (and mobile data) plans and services, we are years behind than many third world countries like Philippines and Bangladesh. Our plans and products are most expensive and ridiculous than most countries on earth. It’s like we are a third world country and those third world countries are first world countries.

Invest Now Hits Chapters Indigo Bookshelves

The wait is over. Invest Now hits bookstores. Find out more in this post.

Saying Goodbye To MS Word And Excel

Are you still using MS Word and Excel? Find out here how you can say goodbye to MS Word and Excel.

13 Free Canadian Personal Finance eBooks

This is an article you should save for many years to come.

Beta And Standard Deviation

Beta and Standard Deviation simplified.

Rogers’ iPhone Rates Contradict Good Personal Finance Etiquette

Rogers just published their much-anticipated new iPhone rates yesterday, and they were a total disappointment for many Canadians who were waiting to jump into the iPhone hype.

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