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ADawnJournal YouTube Banner

If you happen to follow my YouTube channel, you may have noticed that the top banner or channel art has new looks, including my name logo.

In the past, I put up a simple banner – which was just a picture of a volcano from my Tagaytay trip in the Philippines. I always wanted to make it a professional-looking banner; however, I did not have the Photoshop or graphic-designing expertise to make it happen.

After trying a few do-it-yourself banner and logo making tools online, I gave up on the idea of making a professional-looking banner and a simple name logo by myself and decided to hire someone to do the job.

The Internet has opened up endless possibilities to connect those who are seeking professional-grade work with those who are delivering it. And it’s not difficult to find a banner and logo designer anywhere in the world sitting from the comfort of my own home.

I placed an ad on one of the freelancer outsource sites to make a name logo and banner for my YouTube channel and within 24 hours I had 30 designers bidding for my work at various rates. One interesting thing to mention is that the most expensive offer was eight times higher than the cheapest.

After a massive elimination process, I decided on a young designer from Ireland who seemed to understand what I am looking for at a reasonable price. And his works met my expectations or I can even say went beyond my expectations, of course after several modifications.

I will attach the final version banner with logo with this article and you can see how it looks on YouTube by visiting my channel. As my YouTube channel traffic is going up, this modern-looking logo and banner will be a perfect fit, standing alongside with other professional-grade channels.

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